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Now Hear This: 2mums | Bushmaster: Side B EP

Australia's potato-farming punks repeat their simple yet direct message: Fuck off.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Australian punk rock act 2mums are back with Side B of their hard-hitting two-part album Bushmaster. Side A was released in December 2021, and now the infamous potato farmers from the far south coast of NSW are back with another dark and heavy offering focused on violence, destruction, murder, mayhem and good times.

2mums were formed in 2017 when a bunch of local spud farmers from the backwaters joined forces to voice concerns over the influx of jar-drinking hipsters, yogies, Christian rock groups, retired public servants, eco-friendly vegans and social media influencers moving into the local area.

This worrying demographic shift prompted a musical response as an outlet for built-up frustration and resentment to boil over. The spud farmers were being pushed further out as their lands were being replaced by eco retreats and vegan pie shops. With spud farmers throughout the area disappearing off into the landscape, music became the medium for a chosen few spudding activists still remaining.

2mums have led the charge. Their music is as you would expect — shit house —  but their message is clear: Fuck off. 2022 is here and its all about 2mums. Watch this space. Or don’t. They don’t give a fuck either way.”