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Albums Of The Week: Dead Lord | Dystopia EP

The Swedish retro-rockers treat you to a handful of cool covers and other rarities.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The Dystopia EP features six face-melting tracks of rocktivity from Sweden’s Dead Lord, including some previously unreleased goodness! Cover versions of Sleeping My Day Away (D-A-D) and Ace In The Hole (Winterhawk) are newly recorded versions which will help Dead Lord to further climb the rock Olympus! The EP also contains covers of Hands Down (Moon Martin), Moonchild (Rory Gallagher), plus I Staden Som Aldrig Slumrar Till (the Swedish version of Letter From Allen St.), tracks were only featured on the limited, CD edition of their last album Surrender. Finally, The title track Dystopia (the last track on Surrender) was too good not to give some more attention.


Photo by Jennika Ojala.