Ultra_eko | Soul’s Code: Exclusive Video Premiere

The South London hip-hop artist delivers the second preview of his upcoming EP.


Ultra_eko cracks the Soul’s Code in his romantic new single and lyric video — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

Soul’s Code is a love story, a relationship tale between the narrator and the love of his life,” the South London hip-hop artist explains in a press release. “They obsess over one another; he writes their love ‘in the stars, full of metaphor and simile.’ Yet he is forever pulled away from her by dark depressions that overwhelm him, and which are symbolized by a current which ‘pulls him under,’ or else a female spirit who he wakes to find ‘is back with him.’ He finds that these depressions are often brought about by losing focus on the moment, letting thoughts wander to the future where they will no longer be together, and he realizes that he must appreciate and accept the beauty of the time they have together; to ride those moments ‘like waves’ and just be in that moment. He also realizes that these deep, dark depressions are also a source of inspiration, and he sees himself as a spokesperson for all the other lost souls down in ‘these watery depths.’

Soul’s Code is perhaps the most melodic and pop sounding of the six tracks from my EP Kitchen Sink Dramas, though the entire disc is filled with the same haunting imagery and lyrics. This is the dark side of pop, full of poetic lyricism and depth, played out on a sweet and melodic sound.”

Ultra_eko is no stranger to that dark side. He has been releasing music for less than a year, but the prolific artist has demonstrated a varied, eclectic and wholly unique talent. While his music would certainly be classed as hip-hop, it is not fuelled by cliche or convention. Rather, it is the unique voice of Ultra_eko himself, the self-professed storyteller, whose powerful writing and vision shines through every track. His passion is evident and he has a story to tell, a journey upon which to take his listeners and hold them captive. His tales are often dark, touching on regret, struggles between conflicted lovers, breakdowns in relationships, the difficulties of understanding ourselves and our place in the modern world. There is a depth and authenticity to his work that springs from his own wealth of experience. Born and raised in South London, Ultra_eko has spend his life among the people of whom he writes. His colourful and dramatic existence as a market trader, pro gambler, and bootlegger — along with other trades — is a main source of inspiration.

Soul’s Code is the second release from Kitchen Sink Dramas — six tracks of deep and dark stories, which will be released on March 27. The EP will be followed later in the year by his first full-length album. Watch Soul’s Code above, hear more of his music below, and follow Ultra_eko on Instagram and Twitter.