Indie Roundup (Friday the 13th Edition) | 38 Numbers For A Winning Weekend

You can't lose with new cuts from The Dears, Circa Waves, Blinker The Star and more.

Amy Black and Blind Boys of Alabama make a choice, Chris Thile and friends return to the rodeo, Jordys Pride looks homeward, Soilwork get desperate, Khemmis sing Dio’s praises and more in a mega-Friday Roundup. Remember, if you think you’re contagious, don’t go to the doctor or the hospital. Instead, I suggest you go straight to the office (or better still, the home) of the greediest, richest, most selfish asshole you know — like, say, a multi-millionaire sports team owner who won’t compensate his laid-off minimum-wage staff, or a Conservative politician who’s spent his term slashing health-care funding from the comfort of his tropical vacation house — and personally introduce yourself to his entire family with hearty handshakes and kisses right on the lips. Hey, we’re all in this together, right?

1 | Amy Black feat. Blind Boys of Alabama | I Have A Choice

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Singer-songwriter Amy Black wants you to know that you have a choice. A choice to do what? To turn your back on hate and pride and clothe yourself with love and joy. Black’s new single, I Have a Choice, featuring Blind Boys of Alabama, drops today on National Good Samaritan Day. Black explains, “I wrote this song because I wanted to remind myself that I always have a choice of who I’m going to be, how I’m going to act, and how I’m going to respond to whatever life throws my way. I was inspired when I thought of my mom and dad and many others who came before me. It’s encouraging to look at the choices they made, and are still making, to live in kindness and love. I can’t control what others do, I can’t even control my own mind, but I do get to control how I live.”

2 | Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer & Chris Thile | Scarcely Cricket

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The long-awaited follow-up to the Grammy-winning The Goat Rodeo Sessions, with Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer and Chris Thile, Not Our First Goat Rodeo will be released May 1. Making its debut is its lead offering, Scarcely Cricket, which the group pairs with a live performance video. Both sets of Goat Rodeo sessions combine the talents of the four solo artists, each a Grammy Award-winning talent in his own right, to create a singular sound that’s part composed, part improvised, and uniquely American. The music is so complex to pull off that the group likens it to a goat rodeo — an aviation term for a situation in which 100 things need to go right to avoid disaster. Both the first album and the new recording also feature the voice and artistry of singer-songwriter and fellow Grammy Award-winner Aoife O’Donovan, who rejoins the group as a guest.”

3 | Jordys Pride | Broken Homes

THE PRESS RELEASE: “With their new single Broken Homes, Jordys Pride want to make a statement about refugee policy in Europe and against right-wing agitation. They have created an entertaining and tongue-in-cheek video on the serious subject of the lyrics, in order to create the attention that this topic deserves. At the same time, the video puts the song in a concrete context, namely the political situation in Germany in particular.”

4 | Soilwork | Desperado

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Swedish visionary metallers Soilwork have released a brand new song called Desperado. It is the second installment in their Feverish triology, which might also eventually end up becoming a so far unknown entity. Commented the band: “Desperado, just like Feverish, is a song about how a single emotion can overtake your entire being, and consume you like an almost sentient force. Desperado is about what lies behind and beyond, the places you normally avoid. But they will always be there. Desperado is shock rock and metal mayhem for those of us who long for a way out.”

5 | Khemmis | Rainbow In The Dark

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Denver’s doomed heavy metal quartet Khemmis unveil their new mini-album, Doomed Heavy Metal, which will be released on April 17. In celebration of the announcement the band offer fans the live video for their cover of Dio’s Rainbow In The Dark. The band comments: “As lifelong fans of ZZ Top, Fandango has been a consistent source of inspiration for the four of us. The combination of high-octane live cuts and rare studio recordings make the release stand out in the band’s discography. In that tradition, we are thrilled to announce Doomed Heavy Metal. This mini-album is similarly unique, combining sought-after singles and live cuts together on one record. We’ve topped it all off with a newly recorded version of Dio’s immortal Rainbow in the Dark. For those who have clamored for the rerelease of the long-out-of-print Empty Throne and Conversation with Death, your calls have been answered. We hope new and old fans alike will pick up the album, pour a tall glass of their favorite beverage, and party with us!”

6 | Slow Leaves | Sink Full Of Dishes

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Winnipeg’s Slow Leaves — singer-songwriter Grant Davidson — recently announced his sixth studio album Shelf Life, due out April 3. Today, he’s sharing the new video for Sink Full Of Dishes. “I’m a daydreamer of sorts, a little bit lost between some hard reality I can’t yet grasp and a dream from which I’m not sure how to wake,” says Davidson. “It would be easy to call this an artistic space, but I know it’s more so just a place in which to hide from things I won’t confront. Each morning I wake up with a sink full of dishes and a head full of wishes. I’m never sure which mess to clean up first.” Known for his ability to breathe poetry into the ordinary, Slow Leaves continues his deep exploration of the self with Shelf Life. The 10-track LP leans into themes of romantic memory, domestic duty, artistic ambition, and dreams unfulfilled, underpinning the belief that there is indeed great strength in vulnerability. Every song is an invitation to step inside Davidson’s inner world — a space of beauty and wisdom, coloured outside the lines. With warm voice and guitar, Davidson uncovers a humanity that shines in even the darkest corners.”

7 | Janet Devlin | Away With The Fairies

THE PRESS RELEASE:Janet Devlin’s new fairy-tale folk-pop song Away With The Fairies brings light to shade, and follows three dark, defiant releases leading up to her eagerly-anticipated studio album Confessional, releasing May 1. Dipped in mandolin, bodhran and cello with a fluttery piano riff and lilting melody, the track — written by Janet about disconnected, out-of-body moments — strikes a comforting tone familiar tone and returns the singer songwriter to the sounds of her Irish roots. The addition of a harp brings a mystical feel ethereal feel to the song, “To me, nothing says fairies quite like the sound of the harp,” says Janet. She explains, “I wrote this song about the rose-tinted glasses of youth, or more accurately — the beer goggles. I wanted the track to embody the happy-go-lucky spirit of drinking in your teenage years… how you can purchase a cheap elixir from the local corner shop that’ll remove all social anxiety and inhibitions, and in those days, all seemingly without consequence.”

8 | King Park | Clouds

THE PRESS RELEASE:King Park has been turning out mercurial, high-contrast indie rock since they released their debut track in 2017. At the heart of the group you’ll find childhood friends and musical co-conspirators Timon Moolman (vocals, guitar) and Tyler Heemskerk (bass, vocals), rounded out more recently by guitarist Brenden Campbell and the animated Nate Wall on drums. The band’s gearing up to release a new full length, Everett, with a new single titled Clouds. The track is weighty and ominous, showcasing King Park’s simultaneously gritty and lush brand of indie rock. The song has been paired with a psych-inspired visual.”

9 | Jackie Cruz | Be Bad

THE PRESS RELEASE:Be Bad is an ode to feminism and inclusivity, something Jackie Cruz pushes for daily, given the industry’s diversity problem. In the music video Jackie plays Lilith, and tells the story of creation and the Garden of Eden. The story gives a clear depiction of Jackie’s views of feminism and gender inequality. In the beginning, “god” directs Lilith and Adam on Earth below, and quickly replaces Lilith with Eve, for not being submissive enough, leaving Lilith to feel rejected and lost before reclaiming her inner power. Be Bad follows the release of Jackie Cruz’s debut album Hija de Chavez, which was inspired by the women who raised Cruz, and influenced her throughout her life.”

10 | Aversions Crown | The Soil

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Australian metal destroyers Aversions Crown are proud to announce their fourth studio album, Hell Will Come For Us All, will be released on June 12. Today, the band offer fans the first single entitled The Soil. The band comments. “We’re excited to be able to release the first taste of the new music we’ve been working on. The sound of Aversions Crown has grown and matured, and I feel this is our most focused album to date”. The particular sci-fi, melodic sound that erupts from Hell Will Come For Us All is of a high intensity, that still remains deeply captivating and listenable. The melodies, choruses, and atmospheric leads pull you in and quickly pummel you with crushing blast beats and maddening guitar work. Aversions Crown is setting the stage to conquer its busiest year yet.”

11 | Red Vienna | Evelyn

THE PRESS RELEASE:Red Vienna’s new music video for Evelyn is the first of two singles on their April 3 EP Tomhet. Tomhet is the Norwegian word for emptiness and serves as a token of the overwhelmingly haunting sentiment of Red Vienna’s upcoming release. Red Vienna’s vocalist and bassist Jahmeel Russell speaks on the music video, “Evelyn was inspired by Robert Wiles’ photograph The Most Beautiful Suicide. I was really struck by the photo when I saw it, more beautiful than macabre. For the video, we were able to film the band performing in a room full of taxidermy and bones which while not having a direct link to the lyrics, did have a similar atmosphere to the image. It was also fantastic for us to have the performance element as it’s the first time we’ve done that.”

12 | Chastity | Cry High (Live At Whitby Courthouse Theatre)

THE PRESS RELEASE:Chastity announces the live album version of his critically acclaimed 2019 record, Home Made Satan, out April 10. Today, Chastity shares the first single Cry High (Live at Whitby Courthouse Theatre). On Cry High, Brandon Williams, aka Chastity, says, “I was reading about opioids that our brains already come with, and the feeling of being high after we cry sometimes. I don’t think I know how to pronounce this right, but when we cry I guess we release leucine-enkephalin, which helps reduce our pain. This song’s about that. It’s new, and this was my first time playing it live, with the help of my friends and a string quartet in Whitby in January.”

13 | New Language | No Time

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Buzzing LA alt-rock trio New Language has dropped a new single and music video titled No Time. The band says, No Time is the universal anthem that digs deep into the modern everyday stresses of our society that keeps us all constantly running out of time to take the time to focus on ourselves. Swaying, moving, headbanging and singing along: “Losing my head, losing my mind. No Time! No Time!”

14 | Balance Breach | Most Of This

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Tuska’s band competition winners, Balance Breach from Finland, unleash the first official music video single Most of This. The track is taken from their upcoming debut album Dead End Diaries, out on July 3. Balance Breach has worked determinedly to achieve their shared goal and dream: to become a band that stands out with its own sound and captivating live performances. This first single Most of This is a song about letting go of mental and emotional shackles and stopping yourself from setting boundaries that keep you from doing the things you’ve wanted. The song represents what Balance Breach is best at: combining catchy riffs and melodies to form a hard-hitting tune that makes you want to bang your head and jump around!”

15 | Heen | Be Alright

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The hat sits casually on the red curly head, the hand rests relaxed on the microphone stand. With his voice the sympathetic singer takes the room and penetrates the listeners’ marrow. Heen, these are captivating songs with catchy hooklines, sometimes humorous, sometimes deeply touching. With emotionally sung melodies, stomping laid-back grooves and cool rap parts Heen manages to inspire his audience and give them the feeling of a unique experience. In his debut album Steppin’ Up, Heen presents the soul that moves him and us. According to the title the next step is taken here, the logical consequence of an eventful year with over 100 gigs, partly as support for Flo Mega, Max Herre or as feature guest of the Heavytones. Sophisticated songs and beautiful brass arrangements refine Heen’s music and give it the necessary polish with the sound recorded in the Maarwegstudios, with producer Jan Niemeyer and a carefully put together band, which takes it to the next level.”

16 | Blinker the Star | Way Off Wave

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Following their Careful With Your Magic album, a new Blinker The Star single, Way Off Wave, drops today. After a short string of shows last fall, work began immediately on new music at Skylark Park Studio outside of Pembroke, Ontario. The solitude proved delicious and a new album, Juvenile Universe will be ready by early summer, marking the fastest turnaround between albums for the largely one person studio act.”

17 | Circa Waves | Sad Happy

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Today, Circa Waves released their fourth studio album Sad Happy. Alongside the release, you can watch the lyric video for new track Battered And Bruised here which sees frontman Kieran Shudall at his multitasking finest. Rushing into the driving seat of his car, Shudall proceeds to assume the character of a clown, frantically applying the essentials, face paint, lipstick, eye shadow, a green wig and of course, a red nose, before jumping out of the car for a rather unexpected twist. On the theme of the latest single, frontman Shudall says: “Inspired after witnessing an intense breakup, we ran back to the studio to record through the night. We wanted to capture that raw feeling of anger that comes with having your heart ripped out and in the morning the result was Battered and Bruised.”

18 | The Dears | The Worst In Us

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Montréal stalwarts The Dears announced that they will release their eighth studio album Lovers Rock on May 15. They’ve also released a lyric video for the album’s first single The Worst In Us. “There’s a direct line between the sort of doominess of No Cities Left and this album,” says Murray Lightburn. “You could go straight from Lovers Rock to No Cities Left and it’s like they’re interlocked. But it’s a different kind of doom. Around 2001, it felt like, ‘We have no control. We don’t know what’s going to happen next.’ Now it’s a doom that’s within our grasp. It’s in the air. It’s between us. But we do nothing about it.”

19+20 | Steven Lee Olsen | If You’re With Me + Unhappy Hour

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Award-winning country artist and songwriter Steven Lee Olsen is set to deliver the second round of his exciting multi-day, multi-track pre-release campaign. Today’s double release includes If You’re With Me and Unhappy Hour. Since moving to Nashville in 2004, Olsen has worked tirelessly, honing his craft as an artist and songwriter, and all the hard work has paid off impressively. Olsen co-wrote Keith Urban’s double-platinum hit Blue Ain’t Your Color and Kip Moore’s #1 hit More Girls Like You, and co-wrote Dallas Smith’s Drop as well as numerous cuts for other stars including Garth Brooks, Billy Currington, Rascal Flatts, The Judds, Emerson Drive and more.”

21 | Is Tropical | Calling Out

THE PRESS RELEASE:Is Tropical have shared new track Calling Out. The track comes four years after the release of their third album Black Anything and was produced by JP Sancho and mixed by Ash Workman (Christine and The Queens, Metronomy, Ghost Poet…). Calling Out is taken from their upcoming new album Cola Spirit, out in Summer 2020.”

22 | White Stones | Rusty Shell

THE PRESS RELEASE:White Stones, the solo death metal project of Martin Mendez, bassist of the ubiquitous Opeth, release their debut album named Kuarahy (pronounced Kwa-Ra-Hee). In addition, they also reveal a new video for the song Rusty Shell. Martin Mendez comments: “In this lyric I tried to empathize with the female role in society. Throughout history, women have had to adapt their roles in society according to the geographical and social situation. It’s a reflection on humanity , where the top dream would be a fairer place for everyone.”

23 | Barrens | Atomos

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Gothenburg, Sweden-based post-rock trio Barrens, featuring members of long-running alternative/experimental indie rock unit Scraps Of Tape, is pleased to unveil their disquieting new video for Atomos. The moving track comes by way of the band’s impending debut full-length, Penumbra, set for release next month. “The video of Atomos plays as a recording of a fever dream, or perhaps of a life,” issues the band. “The chaos and cross cutting; the distorted reality and loose references; the beautiful and the abstract blend together to form a broken narrative that most of us can relate to. Created by Linus Johansson, it supports a track which explore a dreamlike state which careens almost out of control and then back again. A metaphor for being alive.”

24 | Witchcraft | Elegantly Expressed Depression

THE PRESS RELEASE:Magnus Pelander’s Witchcraft have existed at the forefront of occult tinged classic rock ever since their formation in the year 2000, when Magnus decided to form the band so that he could record a tribute to his idols Roky Erickson and Pentagram’s Bobby Liebling. Now, Magnus takes Witchcraft in a brave new direction, setting forth into entirely new territory! Exhibiting the pure emotion that has always lived at the core of the band’s work, by moving forward alone: The band’s first new album in four years, titled Black Metal, is an entirely acoustic affair. From opener and the just premiered, first single, Elegantly Expressed Depression, it’s clear that this new facet of the band’s sound allows the rawness and fragility to shine in an entirely new light. The minimalism of Bill Callaghan, the tenderness of Elliot Smith and the air of slight discomfort that could only be Witchcraft combine to make this record a truly unique spectacle, not only in the band’s catalogue, but in the world of guitar music as it stands in 2020.”

25 | Engutturalment Cephaloslamectomy | 8.1.2 And Life (Pitriffs Gone Wild)

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Following on from their riotous Knights In Slamming Service single, Indiana’s Engutturalment Cephaloslamectomy today unveil a second taster of their forthcoming debut album, Glam Not Slam. 8.1.2 And Life (Pitriffs Gone Wild) epitomises everything that this band stands for, combining wicked humour and a sense of fun with savagely serious music, that’s both brutally heavy and technically dextrous. When asked for their thoughts on 8.1.2 And Life… Engutturalment offered the following statement: “8.1.2. And Life is very representative of the Glam Not Slam album. Lots of tempo changes, intricate slam and fast riffing and a great flow to the song ending the track in a monumentally heavy riff at the end. We hope you enjoy the track as much as we did making it. “

26 | Joey O’Neil | I Can’t Keep Both

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Yukon-based folk-country songstress Joey O’Neil shares new track I Can’t Keep Both; a beautiful, stripped-down ballad about indecision. Produced by Aaron Goldstein, the track will appear on O’Neil’s forthcoming sophomore album Ever Ahead, due out independently on April 3. “Call it the Libra in me, but I’m always weighing out my options,” shares O’Neil. “My hesitance in making — sometimes simple — decisions can outlast the deadline and often allow the choice to be made for me. Some decisions, however, stick around. They refuse to choose themselves, and they’ll wait with me far past my purposeful procrastination. They’re the ones only I can make, and I sure do have a tough time. This song explores two different decisions: where to make a home, and who to make a home with. The comfortable VS the unknown. The seemingly boring VS the seemingly wild. More specifically, Ontario VS the Yukon, long-term relationships VS dating around. Though I still have managed to hold off on taking drastic action, I have found myself squirming my way into grey areas better suited to me.”

27 | Go For Gold | At Home

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Arkansas-based pop-punk band Go For Gold have released their new single At Home. Serving as the lead single off of their upcoming Color Me EP (out May 15), the band is diving in headfirst with poignant lyricism and sentimental instrumentation. It’s rare for a band to be this well-developed so early on in their careers, but Go For Gold have earned unwavering support in their local music scene with their ability to craft infectious pop-laced, yet punky, hooks. About the single, the band states: “This is the first single being released from the EP and first track on the EP. The song is about struggling with mental health and searching for a way out of that downward spiral. It is an admittance of having a problem and the beginning of a search for a solution.”

28 | Cochon Double | Rat Mort

THE PRESS RELEASE:Bruxisme was recorded right when noisy local hero Cochon Double was thinking of giving up for good. After playing these songs on stage for years, he had sort of lost them on the way. Luckily Steven Doutaz and Lionel Jodry, his former band colleagues in Welington Irish Black Warrior, teamed up with swiss producer Louis Jucker and convinced him to give his tunes a chance in the studio. In five days they re-arranged eight of his strange hip-hop slash noise-rock slash chanson française classics, adding the rhythm section and structure that turned them into genuine and unexpectedly — even my dad could get it — type of songs. Sung in French like a suicidal child that just discovered razor blades, Bruxisme is a one-of-kind sounding record that is deeply linked to the twisted yet generous mind of his attaching creator.”

29 | Marcelø Deiss | Horses Running

THE PRESS RELEASE:Marcelø Deiss is a Brazilian born, London based artist whose music dances between indie, blues, folk and rock. His music details themes about social alienation and human condition in subjects like greed, hypocrisy, absurdity and despair. The South American artist feeds off irony, satire and a dose of dark humor to make audiences see the obvious that goes unnoticed in everyday life. Highlighting situations and news that we see but we don’t look at and news we hear but we don’t listen to, Marcelø Deiss brings light to ordinary occurrences. Everything from the overuse of technology, to economic policy and our daily customs. Horses Running soaks up much of Marcelø Deiss’s love for blues artists including B.B. King and Eric Clapton, while simultaneously delivering a fresh and modern indie rock sound. The track features powerful lyrics, distorted, gritty guitars and a determined rhythm section, whilst emanating vintage sounds through the use of analog equipment. The Brazilian artist creates music to stimulate emotions and Horses Running is a shining example.”

30 | Lex Leosis | Ouzo

THE PRESS RELEASE:Lex Leosis is loud, opinionated, and constantly fighting for what she believes in. From humble beginnings, Lex first found a home in hip-hop at rap competitions and cyphers. She met a number of creatives through online rap communities and has joined her peers in cities all over the U.S. to collaborate, make music and perform. Spending most of her time in the Bay Area of California, Lex has allowed her traveling influences to expand her music sound and capability. Lex’s new single, Ouzo, is a downtempo groove-driven track with funk inspired riffs and smooth melodies juxtaposed with an attack in her flow.”

31 | Josh Kumra | Don’t Know Why

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Singer-Songwriter Josh Kumra is gearing up to release a new EP, Pull Me Back In, on April 3 and today unveils the new single Don’t Know Why. Co-written with songwriter Raevennan Husbandes, known for her collaborations with artists including Kathryn Williams, Lisa Hannigan and Michele Stodard, the song’s melancholic piano is contrasted by Raevennan’s fluid finger-picking guitar style, which alongside Josh thoughtful lyrics and intimate soulful vocals create another soaring cut to add to the talented artist collection of heart-wrench songs featured in Pull Me Back In. Talking about the songwriting process behind the song, Josh says “I’ve always had a need to understand why things turn out the way they do. Always trying to figure out what went right, what went wrong, could I have done something different etc. I wrote ‘Don’t Know Why’ as a reminder that it’s ok not to have an explanation for everything.”

32 | Funeral Leech | Statues

THE PRESS RELEASE: “New York City-based death/doom bringers Funeral Leech will unleash their debut full-length Death Meditation this April. Death Meditation spews 45 soul-crushing minutes of death/doom darkness mired in contemplation of our mortal fragility. Recorded and mixed at Chapel Black Studios in Brooklyn, New York by Travis Bacon (White Widows Pact, Black Anvil, Hogwasche) and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Tomb Mold), Funeral Leech believes that death is a new beginning!”

33 | Ritual Dictates | Extinction

THE PRESS RELEASE: “It is a big day for Ritual Dictates, as they release their new single Extinction from their April 3 album Give In To Despair. Singer Justin Hagberg comments “We can’t wait to perform Give In To Despair live! It’s been a while since Ritual Dictates has performed, so we’re very excited to dust away the cobwebs and return with a killer live band and a batch of new tunes.” Ritual Dictates are inspired by a wide array of styles and instruments. The music itself has straightforward elements of metal and grind, with detours into anything from black metal to good-time rock ‘n’ roll. Picking up on inspiration from their respective previous bands Allfather and Angel Grinder, ex-3 Inches of Blood members Justin Hagberg and Ash Pearson (drummer of Revocation) are continuing down the heavy metal path while fusing their eclectic influences of black, grind, death metal, and classic rock into interesting new places.”

34 | I Prevail | Hurricane (Reimagined)

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Two-time Grammy Award-nominated platinum rock juggernaut I Prevail reveal Hurricane (Reimagined). The Michigan outfit strips down its latest hit single Hurricane acoustically, highlighting the poignant lyrics, vulnerable performance, and impressive songwriting. It illuminates another side of the Michigan group and exerts a different kind of power from the original. “Hurricane is one of the most important songs on Trauma,” the band shares. “It was one of the first tracks we wrote for the album and it became a pillar in building the central message and sound we wanted to create. From the day we wrote it, there was a vision for a stripped-down version of the song that would allow us to explore more delicate instrumentation, production, and vocals. This version definitely brings to life a different mood and atmosphere to experience the track.”

35 | Shantaia | I Wish You Would

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Canadian country artist and songwriter Shantaia is pleased to unveil her latest single I Wish You Would. Written by Abbey Cone, Tiffany Goss and Daniel Ross, it’s the lead single from Shantaia’s forthcoming debut EP Chapter One, available April 3. “I Wish You Would was a song I immediately connected with on many levels,” says Shantaia. “I think at some point a lot of people can relate to wanting someone they’re not with anymore when they might be feeling a little lonely, and the chorus is relatable to anyone no matter their situation, just having that feeling of wanting someone to be in the moment with you. This song has had a huge response at my shows, and I’m excited to see how it plays out on radio and for more people to hear this new sound of mine!”

36 | AXI | Hands On Me

THE PRESS RELEASE: “After using his golden touch to co-write an array of global hits, Australian singer-songwriter AXI finally steps into the spotlight with Hands on Me – his debut solo single. With punchy Afro-pop fused production, the mellifluous Hands on Me hears AXI’s honeyed vocals soar across a bed of driving beats and sugar-coated guitars: “I need your skin to warm me up / I need your hands on me” AXI delicately sings in the chorus, utilising an angelic upper range which showcases his natural talent for the unforgettable, forward-thinking melodies he carved out a name for himself with. At long last emerging from behind the curtains, Hands on Me serves as a taster of the inimitable artist that is AXI. With several more tracks in the pipeline guaranteed to command attention, the future is clearly bright for AXI, an entrancing talent who will surely become as celebrated for his solo music as he is behind the scenes.”

37 | Hempolics | Gotta Thing

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The unstoppable British mash-up reggae group The Hempolics release Gotta Thing, the latest offering from their forthcoming sophomore album Kiss, Cuddle & Torture Vol. 2, due for release on April 3. Gotta Thing perfectly showcases the band’s trademark clash of styles, with American rapper Cojack adding his expert Hip Hop flow to a funked-up high-octane Reggae riddim’ interlaced with electronic and dub influences. In the words of the band’s mainman and producer Grippa Laybourne — who has previously worked in the studio with a variety of international top acts like Mattafix and FaithlessGotta Thing is “a fast hip-hop house track laced with classic Hempolics’ reggae flavours, the track features Miami rapper Cojack who I linked up with and invited to record the track in my mum’s front room whilst he was in the UK playing basketball for the Tees Valley Mohawks.”

38 | Pina Jung | Lonely Times

THE PRESS RELEASE:Wuwei is the name of the new EP of the exceptional artist Pina Jung. Jung is the musical project of singer, program inventor, book author, performance artist and manager Stefanie Gubser. The EP was created in collaboration with the rapper Knackeboul and the producer Henrik Amschler and skillfully combines the most diverse sound worlds into a whole. This makes Wuwei a release that takes you on a very special journey into your own sound world, captivating but still leaving enough space for your own thoughts. Free after the thought: “Life gives you something, if you are ready to accept it. Today the first single from the EP is released: Lonely Times. Stefanie about the song: “My new Single Lonely Times is a journey from rhapsody to ecstasy to letting go to move on.”

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