eF eL O Make His Intentions Clear: I Want Ya

The Benin singer-songwriter enlists French vocalist Pascala for a bilingual love duet.

eF eL O shares a bilingual love duet with Pascala in his soothing, supple and seductive new single and video I Want Ya — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The musical equivalent of floating on the water on a warm summer day, I Want Ya is the latest release from the Benin-born, American-based artist. An electric guitar plucks a melodic and percussive arpeggio progression to open the track. Soon the beat drops on a smooth, lightly funky Afrobeats groove. Guest vocalist Pascala enters the mix, singing a sultry take on the song’s chorus in French. eF eL O steps to the mic, rapping and singing in English, and the duo usher you through the entrancing track with their conversational, back-and-forth repartee.

eF eL O first started rapping at 14 years old. However, college and a career diverted his attention for a time. In 2021 he stepped back to the mic and started dropping records. Since his debut, the prolific rapper has released a total of 14 singles and recently dropped two videos.

Watch the clip for I Want Ya above, sample more sounds from eF eL O below, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.


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