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Now Hear This: Echoplain | Polaroid Malibu

I'm getting caught up on the good albums that have come out lately. Like this one.

THE TRANSLATED AND EDITED PRESS RELEASE: The best melodies are born on ruins. And the craziest ideas. Ruins of deceased groups. Ruins of influences so saturated they end up losing all meaning. Ruins of pop culture. Ruins of culture — period, that’s it. As if humans, threatened with robotization and then extinction, poor us, always found a way to thwart the algorithms, to send them to death in their corner. A bit like someone who, thinking they know everything, having heard everything, suddenly finds that he does not know anything.

We could spend hours stating and then discussing everything that makes, goes through, influences Echoplain’s music. And that would be exciting, that’s clear. We could even play smart. But we would miss the point. Like always. The name-dropping fair, what: everything is good to spare you from using your brain. In fact, saturated — and even, let’s not be afraid of words, oversaturated — is what Echoplain’s music. The word assumes it, hammers it, and even seems to claim it. From All Eyes on Me to Beyoncé, everything seems so referenced, you think you could listen to the record blindly. To deaf ears. Just hearsay. But precisely what is put forward so fiercely hides something. Something that, with loud, clear, precise, demonstrative riffs, sometimes at the risk of making you lose your hearing, finds a way to be heard. Clear and distinct, the music. No time to cheat. There is total urgency, like the effect of social, mental, global distortion. And revenge.

The atmosphere: A big, gray city. Polluted and overcrowded. Frozen and unliveable. In the recesses, the faults, the most improbable interstices, grow bizarre and rebellious plants which refer to the disgusting world in which they were born and remain a better image of itself. Here I stand, leitmotif in the darkest and brightest moments, ass between suicide and rash, depression and orgasm, a way of proclaiming that we are there. Declaration of existence. Despite and against everything. If you had to sum up in one sentence the extent of the damage caused by Echoplain, it would be this: whether you like it or not, I’m here. And you know what? It’s beneficial, the damage.

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