The M.A.S. Project Has Been Scared Fearless

The Toronto pop-rocker shares a moving portrayal of his struggle with OCD.

The M.A.S. Project is ready for anything after being Scared Fearless in his new single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

This powerful and emotionally charged new song chronicles the journey of Calgary-born, Toronto-based singer-songwriter and pianist, Michael Anthony Sawers, the mastermind behind The M.A.S. Project. Filled with heartfelt lyrics and dynamic melodies, it serves as a moving portrayal of overcoming his struggles with OCD and his therapeutic process.

Scared Fearless is a song I wrote about going through something very difficult — therapy!” says Sawers. “I have OCD, so this is a song about facing these OCD fears head-on until my brain is so desensitized to them that I’ve been scared into feeling fearless about them.”

The multi-talented pop, rock, and country artist recorded Scared Fearless in a converted church that was used as a recording studio not far from his adopted hometown. “Despite the heaviness of the song, making Scared Fearless was actually really fun” he explains. “There is an old church near Toronto that was refurbished into a recording studio. We recorded all day there, with light shining on us from the stained-glass window. It was a special experience!”

Scared Fearless continues The M.A.S. Project’s successful track record, demonstrating Sawers’ versatility in a variety of musical styles. His infectious pop anthem Something Real and his country-pop track Giving Love A Try have already struck a chord with fans.

Check out Scared Fearless above, hear more from The M.A.S. Project below and keep up with him on his website, Facebook and Instagram.