AXLAUSTADE Speak Volumes With oui no na

The Montreal trio’s cut makes you feel like you're slowly drifting in a colourful dream.


AXLAUSTADE don’t need words to make their point in their new single oui no na — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

oui no na makes you feel like you’re drifting at a very slow pace in a colourful dream,” the Montreal trio say. “A glowing guitar theme paves the way to a spongy bass line and double vision drums. Its ethereal soundscape invites you to a spacious place where you can really let yourself go.”

Recorded by Éric Lamothe, mixed in Los Angeles by Justin Raisen (Kim Gordon, Viagra Boys, Charli XCX), and mastered by Grammy winner Mike Bozzi (Childish Gambino), the song comes from the band’s recent self-titled debut album.

The track is “One of the first pieces we ever did,” members Jonathan Dauphinais, Steve Dumas and Francis Mineau say in a press release. “After a couple of months playing the tune, we got tired of it, feeling no more sympathy for its slow tempo, the repetitive swing of the bass, or for any other good or bad reason really. We just felt it had become less exciting. So, up until the rehearsals before our recording session began, we left it aside.

Photo by Jean-François Sauvé.

“But as the rehearsals went on, we eventually got to the point where we played it again just for fun, adding then a new bridge section that felt cool, dreamy, soaked in a vaguely Pink Floydish mood. The song was recorded at night — the only nighttime session we did — in the dark. The only remaining light was coming from the nearby room where both guitar amps were stacked. Minus the bridge, the album version is quite close to what it was on Day 1.”

With 10 offerings intertwined into an exciting journey of self-exploration, the album reflects “dozens and dozens of hours jamming in a dark room and luminous mornings,” they say. “AXLAUSTADE is a language of an era, a decade of used illusions and promising riffs. AXLAUSTADE likes the optimism of various reverbs and birdsongs.” Bottom line: When AXLAUSTADE become one with your speakers, they become one with your consciousness, too.

Check out oui no na above, hear more from AXLAUSTADE below, and find them at their website, Facebook and Instagram.