Roberto Lopez | Solo Tu Vibra: Exclusive Premiere

The Canadian-Colombian artist blends Cumbia & Porro into an irresistible number.

Roberto Lopez moves between grooves with his seductive and stylish new single Solo Tu Vibra — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The latest preview of his upcoming record Ritual, Solo Tu Vibra is a tune that navigates between Cumbia and Porro, with the guitar taking a defining melodic line as the song plays tribute to the magical vibes in Colombia where Lopez spent his youth.

“I had such a trip writing this song, in particular the bassline and the drum groove,” the veteran musician and composer says. “That line is so groovy and though it seems easy, it is hard to play because of the small variations. Drum, bass and percussions lay the foundation for the guitar lines and the vocals. I love the groove of this tune, can’t stop playing it. That’s why I had to record it. It’s all about the vibes… la vibra! This song is about vibes and also about freedom.”

Lopez knows all about that. The Colombian-Canadian artist routinely pushes the boundaries of modern Latin music with his hip arrangements, unabashedly adding jazz, funk and electronic music to Colombian grooves. His projects have been presented on tours across Canada, Chile and Mexico. He has received several nominations for Juno, Adisq, Gamiq and Canadian Folk Music Awards, and has won the Artiste Révélation Radio-Canada Award.

Born in Bogotá, he was part of the ’90s Rock en Español movement with his band Doble UC, who dominated local charts. In 1994 he moved to Montreal to pursue his music studies at Concordia University. Since then, he has released multiple albums, composed music for several documentaries, animation films, video games and theatre, and been nominated at the Gemeaux Awards for best original score.

His forthcoming album Ritual mixes Afro-Colombian grooves and Afro-Cuban influences with Motown-inspired basslines, fuzzy electric guitar, a Brazilian singer (Flavia Nascimento) and a Cuban vocalist (Adan de Dios) to create an original electrified creole, amplified by the tropical street sounds of Colombia. The result is an infectious collection of modern tropical dance-floor fillers.

Check out Solo Tu Vibra above, sample more music from Robert Lopez below, and dance over to this website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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