Steven Marriott | So Far To Go: Exclusive Premiere

The B.C. troubadour contemplates the journey of life with his existential train song.

Steven Marriott rides the rails of life into the unknown world ahead on his uplifting and inspiring new single So Far To Go — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The lead single from the B.C. singer-songwriter’s upcoming album Caught In Parallax, the deceptivaly simple So Far To Go starts off an an old-fashioned train song, complete with a chugging boom-chikka backbeat, a rousing vibe and a lonesome, wailing harmonica. But Marriott updates and upgrades it with metaphorical, existential and spiritual lyrics that prove this journey is more than just some casual day trip: “There’s a station in the distance, far beyond the tracks,” he sings. “Patient and eternal, caught in parallax / Enter the decline, watching for a sign to guide the way / Yeah, we’ll make it to the station — but it won’t be today.”

“In the song, the distant object refers to a moment in life that can seem like a far-off abstract concept, yet throughout your life, these moments can take on completely different meanings,” Marriott explains. The album title refers to motion parallax — when objects at different distances appear to move at different speeds when seen from the window of a passing train, for instance.

That fusion of careful craftsmanship and attention to detail is par for the course with Marriott. Graced with a gift for vivid imagery and subtle wit, Steven uses his music to tell stories and create a shared experience with the listener. It’s hard to put a specific genre label on his music, but if Barenaked Ladies invited Jason Mraz and The Goo Goo Dolls over for a backyard BBQ, they might bust out the guitars and cover Steven’s music around the campfire. Steven’s sound is influenced by everything from Celtic ballads to Argentinian tangos, while retaining a folk-rock undertone.

Having performed hundreds of shows at various festivals and venues in Western Canada, Marriott recently had the privilege to open for Daniel Wesley before embarking on his own solo tour through B.C. and Alberta promoting Caught in Parallax and So Far To Go. Listen to the song above, sample more from Steven Marriott below, and catch up with him at his website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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