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Albums Of The Week: The Sadies | Colder Streams

Bid farewell to Dallas Good with this superb set of psychedelic roots & garage-rock.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Colder Streams is the long-awaited and highly anticipated 11th studio album from The Sadies — and the Toronto quartet’s final studio recording with founding member Dallas Good, who unexpectedly passed away in February.

The Sadies’ world has been shaken,” said the band in a joint statement. “While we struggle with the loss of Dallas — our brother, friend and bandmate — music has been our source of comfort and coping … We are so proud of Dallas and the work that went into this album and look forward to sharing it with you.”

Produced by Arcade Fire’s Richard Reed Parry and recorded between 2019 and 2021 at Skybarn in Montreal, Colder Streams features 11 original compositions engineered and mixed by Pietro Amato — except for You Should Be Worried, which was engineered and mixed by Michael Dubue and mastered by Peter J. Moore. With guest appearances by Jon Spencer (No One’s Listening), Dubue (End Credits), Parry (Message for Belial, No One’s Listening and Ginger Moon), and the parents Good — Margaret on backing vocals for So Far for So Few and All the Good, with and Bruce on autoharp on the latter. The cover features original artwork by The Sadies’ bassist Sean Dean.

“I was utterly thrilled the Sadies asked me to produce this record,” said Parry, “which mostly meant I just hung around listening to the greatest live band in the country playing their asses off, and then occasionally I’d get off the couch and sing backing vocals. That said, this is The Sadies’ finest album, the one I always hoped they’d make one day and I’m stoked to have been there helping them do it. What an incredible band.”

Photo by Chris Colohan.

With a deep fondness and reverence for the best of CBGB — country, bluegrass, and blues — The Sadies are equally informed and influenced by everything from ’60s garage and psychedelic rock to surf instrumentals and punk rock. Since they first arrived on the North American scene 28 years ago, the Toronto roots-rockers have developed, even perfected, a style of music uniquely their own.

In preparation for the release, in October of 2021, Dallas penned what he coined the band’s “anti-bio” and seemingly said all there is to say about the new album:

Colder Streams is, by far, the best record that has ever been made by anyone. Ever.

“As we all know, the ‘press release’ is a tool meant to announce and promote a new recording project. A jaded and unreliable sales-pitch at best, the usual ‘bio’ invariably attempts to describe the project in question as some sort of second coming. But how do you sell sounds? The critics’ voice must be heard at all costs, but this is something else entirely. Obviously, this is an ad.

“Knowing what you’re getting is all anyone really wants to know. The details of how the recording is made might be interesting, but they aren’t exactly crucial to the listening process. In our case, comparisons can be misleading too, because The Sadies don’t really fit tidily into any genre, or even sub-genre. We aren’t really ‘pre or post’ anything and we don’t have the right hair-cuts or hats for any particular scene. Can’t really call us modern or retro either. We certainly don’t claim to have re-invented the wheel. We just are. And have been for a very long time. So, all that matters is the music itself, right?

Photo by Chris Colohan.

“After making so many records, some things get easier. Most things do not. But just because it’s harder doesn’t mean it isn’t better. I think it’s gotten easier to know when we are onto something and that’s in no small part due to working with Richard Reed Parry (Arcade Fire / Belle Orchestre) as producer. We put in a lot of hard work but he always made it easy and fun. This is, of course, totally irrelevant to your listening experience.

“We began this recording well over a year before the plague began and completed it in June 2021. The studio we worked at in Quebec is perfectly calibrated to our claustrophobia. It was mostly engineered by Pietro Amato (Belle Orchestre/etc.), who is great at everything he does when he’s not doing something else. Jon Spencer (Jon Spencer!!!) was kind enough to intervene and rescue a song for us. My folks play on it. There was a church™ involved. Curfews were broken. Borders were crossed stealthily. Sean did all of the artwork. Travis and Mike did a lot of driving. I did the bio.

Colder Streams is a record made with love by loved ones. The Sadies have released a lot of records. This is one of them.

“Do any bands make their best work this far along in their career? I can think of artists who still make great music after all these years, but their best? Yet, here we are and that’s what I’m accusing us of. I think it’s our best but I’ve been wrong before. All I ask is that you listen to a few songs and decide for yourself what it sounds like. If you like it, you’ll know what to do. But my description of the music would just be punishing for the both of us.

“I guess all that really needs to be said here is that if you like The Sadies, you will definitely want to get Colder Streams. If you disliked or felt indifferent towards The Sadies, you will definitely want to get Colder Streams. If you’ve never heard The Sadies and yet you’re still reading, you too will definitely want to get Colder Streams.

“But unfortunately, it’s sold out.
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Photo by Chris Colohan.
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