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20 Questions With The Inferno Doll

The goth-metal queen on vampires, cats, dwarf helpers and learning to be patient.

Laura Inferno Vargas is the mastermind behind The Inferno Doll. Inspired by horror movies, gothic literature, the legend of Dracula, and bands like Devil Doll and Theatres Des Vampires, her latest EP Sacrifice arrived a few months ago. Today, the Calgary goth-metal artist sacrifices her time and mental health by answering my goofball questions. See how she fares:



Introduce yourself: Name, age (feel free to lie), home base and any other details you’d care to share — height / weight / identifying marks / astrology sign / your choice.
Hello there! My name is Laura, I’m based in Calgary, Aquarius, Mother of Cats, Lover of all things dark and Dracula-related.

What is your musical origin story?
I started singing in a punk band when I was 18 years old and my first metal band came later in 2008 ish. I fronted the Chilean metal band Sacramento until 2015. Then I started my solo project called The Inferno Doll and relocated to Canada in 2016.

What’s your latest project? Tell us everything we need to know.
The Inferno Doll started to come to life in 2013ish. I released my first album Dollmination in 2015. It’s gothic-styled music with hints of balck metal and industrial. I released an EP in December 2020 called Sacrifice, which is darker and more atmospheric than Dollmination.

What truly sets you apart from other artists?
I tell stories with my music, which is something most people don’t. With my music, you get to hear my take on gothic and vampire culture. I also relate my own experiences into this frame of reference.

How will my life improve by listening to your music?
I tell my personal experiences in a fictional way with my songs. When you listen to the words you will connect with them because maybe you were going through something similar. You won’t be alone anymore. There’s someone out there telling you that no matter how hard life can get, don’t give up, you can do this.

Tell us about the first song you wrote and / or the first gig you played.
Very first gig I played was when I was around 18 years old and I was so afraid of singing in front of people that I stared at the bass amplifier the whole show.

What is the best / worst / strangest / most memorable performance you have given?
The first most memorable performance to date was in 2012 when we (with my former band) played at the first edition of Metal Fest in Chile. Our slot was between Fear Factory and UDO and the local bands had an outdoor stage. When we began playing there weren’t too many people but when we were playing the second song the place was completely packed! The crowd was very supportive, we had our fans there too supporting us. I had the best time of my life. The second most memorable moment was in 2016. Two weeks before I relocated to Canada, I performed live with The Inferno Doll. It took me months to put all the show together: The musicians, the guest singers, the performer, the visuals, etc. I was so so nervous that night. We were already on stage when the people came into the venue, standing like statues. I had a cloak covering my head so I couldn’t see anybody until the music started. When that happened, I started to sing and when I removed my cloak, I saw that the venue was packed! The show went on great and I came to Canada with the best memories. I can’t wait to perform again!

What is the best / worst / strangest / most memorable performance you’ve seen?
Best shows I’ve seen: Rammstein, Gojira, Meshuggah, Amorphis, Moonspell, Pearl Jam and because it was the first live show I went to, Aerosmith.

What living or dead artists would you collaborate with if you could?
Bram Stoker, Mr. Doctor (Devil Doll).

What artist or style of music do you love that would surprise people?
I don’t know if it would surprise people but I like Here Come the Mummies.

Tell us a joke.
I don’t know any jokes 🙁 I tell them when I’m talking to people (very bad ones) but I can’t think of one right now.

What useful (or useless) skills do you have outside of music?
Photography. I’m learning and it’s been pretty fun!

What do you collect?
Cats LOL!!!

What would you like to be reincarnated as?
A cat.

What’s your idea of perfect happiness / total misery?
Perfect happiness would be doing what I love every single day of my life. And total misery: Not doing what I love the most just to please others.

What’s your greatest regret?
Not being able to go to see Moonspell and Amorphis when they came here to Calgary a couple of years ago.

What are you afraid of?
Being utterly alone and without cats.

What would the title of your autobiography be?
The Life of a Human Vampire … hahaha!

Who should play you in the movie of your life?
Eva Green. Because I love her and it would be rad.

What’s your motto?
Get up and do it now, not tomorrow.

What’s always in your refrigerator?
Bread, hummus and whatever food I cooked.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Patience. I’ve been working on that for a while and I’m succeeding.

What’s the silliest thing you believed as a child?
That I had a dwarf friend that was looking after me every night. I used to open my eyes during sleeping hours and I would see the silhouette of a “dwarf” by the foot of my bed. It never moved, it was always there. I stopped seeing it when we moved from the house we were living in.

What’s the best and / or worst advice you were ever given?
Worst: You can’t do it
Best: DO IT! And put all your heart into your goals.

Watch The Inferno Doll’s videos above, listen to Sacrifice below, and keep up with her on her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.