Russell Sprout Wants Kids To Do The Health Hustle

The award-winning kids' entertainer gets youngsters up & moving with his new cut.

Russell Sprout encourages kids to get a move on with his supercharged single and fun-filled fitness video The Health Hustle — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Following in his continuous wholehearted high-five to community and kindness, the award-winning Toronto artist’s latest kid-friendly release tries to harness their endless energy into exercise and activity. “The message is so important, especially right now, and especially after the last few years we’ve come through as a community,” shares Russell, a rad dad of three. “Kids are naturally full of beans, and this song does nothing but encourage them and the ones they love to get up to move and groove together in a fun, celebratory way!”

Sprout’s ongoing mission and mantra to keep lyrics in line with his primary audience of youngsters is a quintessential representation of the artist — and kids are connecting. “The Health Hustle is a song that has really been a hit with the Toronto area schools I work with,” he says. “Kids love to hear it, and they especially like the actions that go along with it.”

Produced by Juno winner Ken Whiteley (Raffi, Fred Penner), the song is the latest single from the artist’s sophomore LP Together. The sprightly 10-song album imparts Sprout’s core values of caring, consideration and just plain fun to kids of all ages. Lyrics and professionally notated sheet music are also available as part of the album’s fully illustrated 12-page booklet, or on his website as a free download.

Sprout’s onstage persona is as entertaining as his music. Usually seen sporting an oversized cap, a bee on his blue suit jacket, wide sunglasses and funky sneakers, he is silly and funny — and capable of connecting with his audience through his music and rapport. In addition to winning Best Children’s Song from Folk Music Ontario for Troubadour, a song from his self-titled debut, Sprout is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist with more than 20 years of teaching and performance experience. Meanwhile, the man behind the music — Russell Leon — is a faculty member at University of Toronto’s Jackman Institute of Child Study and Humberside Montessori School.

His most recent release Together weaves folk, Klezmer, beatboxing, pop, rock, and more together with ardent emotional intelligence, family values and rollicking fun — all in an accessible way. “I knew the underlying theme of the record was going to be about kindness, as well as mental and physical health — and that the events in the lyrics would all have a positive outcome,” Sprout recalls. “Even if a cat was chasing a mouse, or there was a barn fire, or if you are in a bad mood, everything was going to work out.”

Watch The Health Hustle above, sample more music from Russell Sprout below, and hustle over to his website, Facebook and Instagram.


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