Telaport Beam Into The Disco

The dynamic duo hit the dance floor with their irresistible, retro-futuristic groovefest.


Telaport ride their groovy space-time machine back to the future in their irresistible new synth-pop single and video Disco — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Arriving fresh off their last single Don’t Wait and the audiovisual event Letter to The Travelers Vol. 1, Disco showcases catchy melodics and a pumping groove surrounded by an orchestra of electronic synths.

“Life is a big party and we need to move our bodies,” they sing. “It’s a disco / A place where you can run away / Something you can think of / Close your eyes and you can dream of … ”

Meanwhile, in the accompanying video directed by Justin Richardson Films, the masked duo weave their way through a psychedelic maze of lights, enticing fans to hop aboard their time machine and escape with them to the disco era.

Telaport never fall short when it comes to creativity, treating each release date like an event made to echo throughout time and space. If you’ve had a long week, escape into the weekend and follow Telaport to the discotheque.

Watch the video for Disco above, sample more music from Telaport below, and join them at their website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.