Francesca Panetta Sums Up Infatuation In So Few Words (Love Letter)

Take a shimmery, cascading ride through a tumultuous tunnel of burgeoning romance.

Francesca Panetta walks the fine, blurred line between excitement and fear of new love in So Few Words (Love Letter) — her dreamy new single and video showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Written consciously outside of the usual verse-chorus-verse pop structure, the Toronto folk-pop artist’s new cut is a shimmery, cascading ride through the tumultuous tunnel of love. “The way you look at me / When your eyes say you want me / Could nearly give me a heart attack,” she sings.

The song came about in 2021 as Panetta, struggling with the anxiety of a new love, got lost in a chord progression on her guitar. “I often use songwriting as a form of self-reflection,” she explains. “As someone who suffers a lot with my mental health, new experiences can be difficult. Depression, anxiety, and ADHD often cloud my judgment — especially when it comes to romantic attachments. I wrote this song during a new romantic experience, so you can imagine the emotional jungle that consumed my mind.”

Still, the lack of conventional structure to the song ended up helping Panetta give order to her emotions. “To be honest, a lot of my songs have a tendency to fall into this category,” she said. “I tried to break out of it at first, for the sake of ‘fitting in,’ however I soon realized that sometimes too much structure can take away from all that a songwriter is trying to convey. So now, when I sit down to write a song, I try my best to let the process flow as naturally and authentically as possible.”

Each song Panetta writes is laced with unapologetic authenticity. Leveraging self-reflection in her songwriting, she translates her own personal experiences into compelling lyrics in which everyone can find comfort and connection. On her debut EP When The Sunshine Rains, she aligned nostalgic moments with sweet melodies and passion.

Check out the video for So Few Words (Love Letter) above, sample more songs from Francesca Panetta below, and have a few words with her at her website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.