Broadtree Know The Score: You Only Miss Me Cause I’m Gone

Broadway's Waitress inspired the Toronto country duo's empowered breakup anthem.

Broadtree tell it like it is with their new single and lyric video You Only Miss Me Cause I’m Gone — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Written by singer-songwriters Armand Antony and Nicole McCafferty, and mixed and mastered by Sean Andrews (Glass Tiger), the country-pop breakup anthem swirls and soars with themes of knowing your worth and standing up for yourself.

“This is a big, loud, and fun song about female empowerment,” McCafferty shares. “It keeps the message at heart through banter in the lyrics without getting too preachy; there are so many sad breakup songs in this genre that we wanted to write the same outcome — but in an extremely positive way. This song was actually inspired by characters in a musical we both love,” she adds, referring to the Broadway hit Waitress.

“As two musical theatre actors, our songs always tend to have a fun or dramatic intensity to them,” Antony adds. “While we both love writing country songs, no matter how hard we might try, our theatre influence is always there. Even with a simpler song like You Only Miss Me Cause I’m Gone, we still have a full backstory we could tell you about that you won’t hear in the single!”

Compared to previous singles, the new tune hews closer to country than they have before. “But there’s still great dialogue between the two characters, and that allowed us to stay true and keep this a Broadtree song as much as possible,” Antony notes.

Nuanced storytelling, clever lyricism and topics that range from racial equality to mental illness to love gone sour; they’re all in the arsenal of these two multi-talented theatre-minded artists, as displayed on their 2021 debut LP Feeling Bad. Feeling Better. “We have a really close relationship when it comes to songwriting,” Antony shares. “Nicole calls it a bit of a ‘mind twin’ dynamic; we finish each other’s sentences, lyrics, lines, melodies.”

The Toronto duo’s spark-filled chemistry began when they met on the set of a play. Since then, they’ve shared the stage in multiple productions — including their mutual “dream show” The Last Five Years — and just wrapped an extensive 23-date national tour.

Watch the lyric video for You Only Miss Me Cause I’m Gone, sample Feeling Bad. Feeling Better. below, and follow Broadtree on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.