SymLa-3000 Vows To Add Colour To Her Monochrome Story

The Japanese singer-songwriter plumbs the gloomy depths of lost love on her single.

SymLa-3000 explores a lonely urban landscape in her gloomy single and video Monochrome Story — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The Japanese metal artist’s first English song and a highlight from her latest album The Spectrums, Monochrome Story — and its fittingly grey video — plumbs the gloomy depths of lost love as singer-songwriter Hakula explores a rainy city accompanied only by her trusty guitar.

Founded at the beginning of 2020 with the release of the debut single Rejected, Hakula continues to push sonic boundaries with a distinct fusion of rock and metal. The unique sound of SymLa-3000 is inspired by musical influences that span both ends of the world — from bands like Bullet For My Valentine and Evanescence to artists that dominate Japanese entertainment. “I’ve been influenced by lots of heavy metal and hard rock music, and also influenced by lots of theme songs of TV programs and animation made in Japan,” Hakula shares.

The Spectrums was crafted to communicate the various shades of life seen through the diverse perspective of SymLa-3000, whose name is derived from the Japanese word shinra-bansyo (森羅万象) — which refers to the nature of the universe. “Each song is the spectrum of my life,” Hakula reveals. “This album was not only healing for me, but for anyone else who has experienced hurt in their heart like I have.”

The 11-song album was written and recorded during the pandemic in Osaka, which presented logistic and emotional challenges for her. “I felt so lonely being isolated, but several great musicians were so supportive,” says Hakula. Indeed, she employed a group of hyper-talented musicians to bring her metal edge to life; alongside her airy vocals you can hear metal guitarist Akira Tejima, bassist Makoto Kitamura and drummer Takayoshi Ochoco Saita.

Watch the video for Monochrome Story above, check out The Spectrums below, and get more of SymLa-3000’s story at her website, Twitter and Instagram.