Hyaenas | Little Trophy: Exclusive Premiere

The female Vancouver indie-rockers arrive on the scene to take down the patriarchy.


Hyaenas make it clear they aren’t going to be your Little Trophy in their debut single — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

Little Trophy is a call-out against the sexual objectification of women,” the all-female Vancouver band explain. “The song was partially inspired by a previous long-distance relationship Sophie had (she was doing all the heavy lifting to make everything happen while the other was sitting back and reaping the benefits (fun trips and getting laid)), and partially inspired by unwanted sexual advances, judgments or discriminations that almost every single woman has experienced.

“Jessie’s punchy bass and Jen’s laid-back drums pull you into a groovy pocket, with Luvia’s synth adding a shimmering support. Sophie’s vocals lay smoothly overtop, and her lyrics are powerful, relatable and universal. In the bridge you’ll hear the crystalline, ghostly harmonies of the Me Too survivors calling out the outdated, harmful narrative and disrupting the status quo.”

Embodying the energy and ferocity of the animal they are named after, Hyaenas are a new indie-rock band breaking into the Canadian scene. With fun, catchy hooks, their songs are written through a queer feminist lens; exploring meaningful themes from acceptance to vigilance, celebrating a love of nature, witchcraft, and social justice while drawing inspiration from ’80s icons The Go-Go’s to modern-day darlings Warpaint.

Coming together during the pandemic, Sophie Heppell (guitar, vocals), Jessie Robertson (bass), Jen Foster (drums) and Luvia Petersen (synth) have a palpable chemistry, making this brand-new band feel instantly familiar. They launched in 2021 with an explosive sold-out performance alongside iconic rock duo The Pack AD, and they haven’t slowed down since. They are currently working with coveted Vancouver producers Elisa Pangsaeng (Said The Whale, Yukon Blonde) and Jesse Gander (The Pack AD, White Lung) on their debut EP set for release later this year.

Check out Little Trophy above and below, and catch up with Hyaenas on their website, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.


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