Mellow Fields Hits New Heights With Gemini Rising

The producer immerses you in an intoxicating trancescape with his latest single.


Mellow Fields is back to haunt your dreams with his new single Gemini Rising — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The track starts with electronic beats rising to a swell before making way for sweet, ethereal vocals from featured artist Jenny Palacios that light up the song’s compelling poetry. Mellow Fields — aka Michael David — crafts rhythms that are irresistible while Palacios’ mesmerizing vocals swirl throughout the track, which moves from soft to insistent, kinetic to moody, still to emotional. Like any true Gemini, the lyrics blend diverse elements — sweet sensuality and a hint of danger, with a trippy sensibility that puts you in a dream world. Mellow Fields weaves it all into a rich sonic texture, and Gemini Rising wraps with an ecstatic high of music and emotion.

Hailing from a sleepy Toronto suburb, Mellow Fields is an indie progressive house/electro producer working from home during the pandemic. He’s adept at switching moods over the course of a track, developing rhythms and sounds with a judicious ear and without a hint of self-indulgence. He’s always got a new surprise up his sleeve, and a new direction to keep things interesting and add replay appeal. He counts the greats of EDM among the influences in his work, and in Gemini Rising audiences hear the same focus on persistent beats plus a play on rising and falling tension. It’s trance music with a nod to synthwave, a song that’s sonically intriguing but also accessible — and danceable, too.

The track is a mild departure from previous works like Wage of Destruction, a track from his 2017 self-titled debut EP that was licensed for a car commercial and received widespread airplay. That said, it’s “the most authentic music” he’s written since starting as a producer, he shares.

Check out Gemini Rising above, hear more from Mellow Fields below, and keep up with him on his website, Facebook and Instagram.