Sivan Langer Speaks No Evil In Three Monkey Song

The singer-guitarist takes a swing at modern-day apathy with his grungy new single.

Sivan Langer invites you to sing along with his crunchy, punchy new grunge nugget Three Monkey Song — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A sharp-witted dig at the apathy of modern society, Three Monkey Song pulls from the earliest sounds made famous by Nirvana and Pixies while masterfully maneuvering into modern rock. The dusty-voiced Langer’s ability to roll through lyrics that resonate — while laying down the hooks that acquiesce the listener from listening to experiencing — is no small feat.

“The truth is that this song is about a general feeling of annihilation,” Langer explains. “People seeing and hearing but saying: ‘Hey, I don’t see it, so why do you ask me to do anything about it?’ which personally felt to me as a defeatist mentality, to say the least.” Ironically, the song didn’t come together as quickly as it could have thanks to his own apathy, he admits. “The song was written when I lived in Tel Aviv as a student, but I didn’t finish all the parts. The outro section was added just before the recording sessions started because the song was too short.”

In the end, the blues enthusiast borrowed from his years of experience and eclectic array of influences to concoct a song that resonates on the human condition. His music references the Seattle grunge scene even as his lyrics tackle societal woes.

Mixed by Darrell Thorp (Beck), and mastered by Gavin Lurrsen (Foo Fighters), Three Monkey Song was created in Langer’s home studio. “The track was recorded in my house,” Langer shares. “A friend of mine is a talented drummer and I tried to convince him to join. Eventually, he was more of an advisor. It wasn’t clear if we had a budget for a professional recording studio so we went for a home studio. The project studio route is much easier for computer-based music. For acoustic music, it was a pain, but you learn a lot, and there is some fun in the process (when you are not crying). Interestingly, each person involved in this track was at their project studio. That’s the way the whole album is recorded.”

Watch the lyric video for Three Monkey Song above, sample more music from Sivan Langer below, and keep up with him at his website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.


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