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Organa | Interstellar: Exclusive Premiere

The California funketeers take you out of this world with their latest high-flying jam.


Organa blast off on a funky Interstellar adventure in their trippy new single — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

Propelled by a smooth yet powerfully grooving backbeat, fuelled by a rubbery nimble bassline and outfitted with slinky guitars and spaced-out sonics — all topped with star-child vocals, a chorus E.T. would phone home for and playful lyrics that celebrate “Elon Musk and stardust” — Interstellar is a high-flying, zero-G jam that belongs on your pre-flight mixtape right next to vintage P-Funk and classic Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Not surprisingly, the latest irresistible jam from the irrepressible California trio of singer Gabriel Velasquez, guitarist Nick Lewis and superstar bassist Corey McCormick (Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real, Neil Young, Chris Cornell, A Star Is Born) took flight at the same time as an actual rocket.

“The track for Interstellar was written by Nick and Corey as an instrumental track,” they explain in a press release. “All new ideas/compositions for Organa are usually placed in a shared folder between the band.

“On the day of the first manned SpaceX flight that was televised, Gabe just happened to have that track open and playing while watching the launch with his two daughters. Inspired by the idea of private space exploration in which civilians could realize the depths of space, he penned the lyrics and melody. The song quickly took shape and Corey, using his expertise and the help of his studio mate Mark V, gave the song a lush production to finish it off.”

Interstellar, which arrives today, also features Emanuel Cervantes on drums and Alberto Bof on Fender Rhodes, synth and additional production. Check out the song below, watch my recent Zoom interview with McCormick HERE, and launch yourself into Organa’s orbit at their website, Instagram and Facebook.