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Next Week in Music | April 25 – May 1 • The Long List: 380 Releases On The Way

All the music heading for your playlist in the coming days — and plenty more besides.


After last week’s onslaught of 900-plus releases, a mere 380-some new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes feels like a walk in the park. A fairly long walk, admittedly, but still, no big deal. Take a stroll through the whole lineup:



Abhomine | Demonize Destroy Delete
Acidgvrl | The Netherwxrld
The Ah | Ryan Dreams
Aiobahn | All Connected
Alawari | Alawari
Conor Albert | Collage 2
Allegories | Endless
Dot Allison | Entangled Remix EP
Allt | The Seed Of Self-Destruction
Al-Namrood | Worship The Degenerate
Nascar Aloe | American Wasteland
The Aloof | This Constant Chase For Thrills Reissue
The Aluminum Group | The Aluminum Group
Ambassador Hazy | The Traveler
Anomalie | Galerie
Anorak Patch | By Cousin Sam EP
Anunnaki | Two Treatise on Gnostic Thought
Apostles Of Eris / Gossip | Drone & Cull Split
Archive | Call To Arms & Angels
Juni Ata | Some Songs EP
Alexia Avina | A Little Older
The Backdoor Society | This Is Nowhere
Baits | Baits EP
Balungan | Kudu Bisa Kudu
Vic Bang | Burung
Francis Baptiste | (Family) Snəqsilxʷ
William Basinski & Janek Schaefer | …On Reflection
Batu | Opal
William Beckmann | Faded Memories EP
Bellman | Melatonin Chronicles
Hannes Bieger | Balance Presents Hannes Bieger
Bits In Pockets | The Bits EP
Black Nail Cabaret | Pseudopop Remastered
Blackwinterwells | Crystal Shards
Blink 182 | Buddha Reissue
Bloc Party | Alpha Games
Blossoms | Ribbon Around The Bomb
The Blssm | Pure Energy EP
The Blue And Gold | The Blue And Gold
Blue Violet | Late Night Calls
Ethan Bortnick | Prom
Lionel Boy | Up At 4
Ivan Britz | Proto Typical Human
Action Bronson | Cocodrillo Turbo
Dan Bruce’s :beta collective | Time To Mind the Mystics
Bill Bruford | Making A Song and Dance: A Complete Career Collection
Buffalo Hunt | Ambitions of Ambiguity
Johnny Burke | Behind The Pine Curtain
Josh Caffe | Do You Want To Take Me Home? EP
Candelabrum | Nocturnal Trance
Casino Times | End Of Civilisation Single
Casting Lots | Casting Lots
Siete Catorce | Cruda
Caution | Arcola
CDSM | Hell Stairs
Celestial Season | Mysterium I
Central Heat Exchange | Central Heat Exchange Deluxe
Roger Chapman | Moth to a Flame (The Recordings 1979-1981)
Lester Chong | Zing!
Clever Square | Secret Alliance
Diane Coffee | With People
The Coffis Brothers | Turn My Radio Up
Congotronics International | Where’s The One
Convert | Saves
Crashidïet | Automaton
Crazy Minecraft Animals | What Death Feels Like
The Cutthroat Brothers & Mike Watt | The King Is Dead Vinyl Reissue
Czarface | Czarmageddon
Daine | Quantum Jumping
Dälek | Precipice
Jono Das | Muhammad, My Man
Mitch Davis | The Haunt
Nathan Dawe | 21 Reasons
Dawn Patrol | Bring On The Good Times
Dead Head | Slave Driver
Deaf Lingo | Push It
Wesley Dean | Unknown
Deathcrush | Under Serpents Reign
Delvoid | Swarmlife
Devil Master | Ecstasies of Never Ending Night
Dischordia | Triptych
Julie Doiron & Dany Placard | July & Dany
Peter Donovan | This Better Be Good
Kenny Dubman | Conflicted
Anne Dudley | Crossing The Bar
Dumb Numbers & Melvins | Broken Pipe EP
Lydian Dunbar | Blue Sleep
Ebi Soda | Honk If You’re Sad
Elsa Y Elmar | Ya No Somos Los Mismos
Karen Elson | Green
Empire Springs | The Luminescence
Gus Englehorn | Dungeon Master
Erica Eso | 192
Family Shiloh | At The Cold Copper Ranch
Fatlip and Blu | Live From the End of the World Vol. 1 (Demos)
Five Hundred Bucks | $500
Flou Sobre | Red EP
Robert Fripp | Washington Square Church
Frog Eyes | The Bees
Frontperson | Parade
Dana Fuchs | Borrowed Time
Future | TBA
Fuzigish | Fuzigish
Gaika | War Island OST
Martin Garrix | Sentio
The Gathering | Beautiful Distortion
Dana Gavanski | When It Comes
Geometry Of Chaos | Soldiers Of The New World Order
Ghost Power | Ghost Power
Scout Gillett | One To Ten
Girlpool | Forgiveness
Giveon | Lie Again
Will Glaser | Climbing In Circles Pt. 4
Glass Museum | Reflet
Tha God Fahim | Dump Pharma’s Vol. 2
Angie Goeke | If I Were Honest
Golden Apples | Golden Apples
Golf Girl | All So Dreamy
Addison Grace | Getting Used To
Grafvitnir | Tunes of Sitra Ahra
Skylar Grey | Skylar Grey
Guise | Youngest Daughter
Gunash | All You Can Hit
Tigran Hamasyan | StandArt
Hand Model and Gloved Hands | Game Changers
Harmoniaq | The Forest of Torment
Shaina Hayes | To Coax A Waltz
The Head And The Heart | Every Shade of Blue
Heaven | Starless Midnight
Helms Alee | Keep This Be the Way
Heriot | Profound Morality
Hey, Ily! | Psychokinetic Love Songs
Ivy Hollivana | Believer
Honeyglaze | Honeyglaze
How I Left | Birds In The City
Jake Huffman | Adderall & Whisky EP
Alfred Hui | 2021
Holly Humberstone | Sleep Tight
The Hypochondriacs | Waitin’
Imelda Marcos | Albularyo
Kyo Itachi | Solide
Jacky Boy | Mush
Chelsea Jade | Soft Spot
Jane Lee Hooker | Rollin’
Iamkyami | The Kenny Klubhouse EP
Ichillin’ | Bridge Of Dreams
Invisible | En Vivo Teatro Coliseo 1975
Jana Irmert | What Happens At Night
Chris Janson | All In
Joabis | Bamboo Path
Teagan Johnston | Teagan Johnston
Norah Jones | Come Away With Me 20th Anniversary Edition
Joyful Joyful | Joyful Joyful
Junction 28 | Before You Drown EP Reissue
Astrel K | Flickering i
Kaipa | Urskog
Kcin & Tilman Robinson | Requiem for the Holocene
Kehlani | Blue Water Road
John Paul Keith | A World Like That: Live at B​-​Side
Khalid | Skyline
Khompa | Perceive Reality
Kind Folk | Head Towards The Center
Lola Kirke | Lady For Sale
Kissbaba | Haragszik A Landlord
Kitchen Dwellers | Wise River
KMRU & Aho Ssan | Limen
Kneel Before The Death | Memoir EP
The Knocks | History
Koalra | The Fires Burned Everything We Had. When The Dust Settles, They Will Do It Again.
Kodiak Empire | Silent Bodies
Joe Koshin | Time Is Now White Vol​.​15
Pierre Kwenders | José Louis And The Paradox Of Love
Miranda Lambert | Palomino
Steven Lambke | Volcano Volcano
Anna Larson | Dark Bird EP
Last Wishes | Organized Hate
Lau | Circumstance (The Remixes)
Leith | Birthdays In July EP
MJ Lenderman | Boat Songs
Tanna Leone | Sleepy Soldier
Let’s Eat Grandma | Two Ribbons
Erika Lewis | A Walk Around the Sun
Chloe Lilac | You Were Good To Me
Lil Soz | Soz Op 2
Susan Lim And Christina Teez Tan | New World Order
Maggie Lindemann | How Could You Do This To Me?
Liquid Stranger | Balance
The Little Roy & Lizzy Show | Welcome To The Show
Living World | World
Ljuska | Thanatanamnesis
Loose Fit | Social Graces
Low Hum | Live at Sunset Sound
Corb Lund | Songs My Friends Wrote
Lute | Gold Mouf Deluxe
Lxury | Vivid Night Experience LP
David Lynch | Ghost of Love / Imaginary Girl Reissue
Madeon | Love You Back
Mahakala Music | Sparks
Majoredm | Be Alright
Mall Girl | Superstar
Adema Manoukas Octet | New Roots
Mansionair | Happiness, Guaranteed
Many Voices Speak | Gestures
Market | The Consistent Brutal Bullshit Gong
Briston Maroney | Sunflower: Deluxe
Bryan Martin | Everyone’s An Outlaw
MattstaGraham | Prescribe Whatever
Ava Max | Maybe You’re The Problem
John McGuire | Pulse Music
Iain T. McKelvey & The Midnight Tangos | Iain T. McKelvey & The Midnight Tangos
Casey McQuillen | Skinny
The Mellons | Introducing… The Mellons
Melody’s Echo Chamber | Emotional Eternal
Merm4is | VIP Lagoon
Merzbow + Arcane Device | Merzbow + Arcane Device
Jackie Messina | Necessary Arrangements
Mildlife | Live From South Channel Island
Alex Miller | MillerTime
Jamie Miller | Broken Memories EP
Charles Mingus | The Lost Album from Ronnie Scott’s
Mr. Giant & The Broken Stone | Metamorphosis Reissue
Ivy Mono | Space Dust EP
Monsta X | Shape Of Love
Carla Morrison | El Renacimiento
PJ Morton | Watch the Sun
Federico Mosconi | Air Sculptures
Naja Naja | EP
Nana | From the District to the World EP
Negative Plane | The Pact…
Willie Nelson | A Beautiful Time
Neoma | Hyperreal
New Morality Zine | Stuck On Spring
Nightports w/ Tom Herbert | Nightports w/ Tom Herbert
The Nika Riots | Derelict
NoCap | Mr. Crawford
No/Más | Consume / Deny / Repent
No Plan | No Plan
Ted Nugent | Detroit Muscle
Ockham’s Blazer | Ockham’s Blazer
Angel Olsen | Big Time
Izaak Opatz | Extra Medium
Organ Tapes | 唱着那无人问津的歌谣(Chang Zhe Na Wu Ren Wen Jin De Ge Yao)
Kelly Lee Owens | LP.8
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils | Jackie Blue – Greatest Hits ’96
Pachakuti & Young.Vishnu | Dédalo
Paddy And The Rats | From Wasteland To Wonderland
Tess Parks | And Those Who Were Seen Dancing
Passarella Death Squad | What We Are, You Shall Be
Ann Peebles & the Hi Rhythm Section | Live in Memphis
Penguin Cafe | A Matter of Life​.​.​. 2021
Lydia Persaud | Moody31
Pershagen | Hilma
Personal Trainer | Reflex EP
Nick Phoenix | Wide World
Poets of the Fall | Ghostlight
PolyheDren | Psychic
Ron Pope | It’s Gonna Be a Long Night EP
Post-Mortem | The Monumental Pandemonium
Allah Preme & Sean Kelly | Live & Let Die
Private Agenda | A Mannequin
Prospector Sound | Red Sargasso
Psy | Untitled
Pyrithe | Monuments To Impermanence
Flora Purim | If You Will
Pyrithe | Monuments to Impermanence
? And The Mysterians | Action Vinyl Reissue
? And The Mysterians | 96 Tears Vinyl Reissue
Raise A Suilen | Coruscate DNA
Les Rallizes Dénudés | The OZ Tapes
Rammstein | Zeit
Ransom | No Rest For The Wicked
Raw Plastic | Stuck on Spring
Shilpa Ray | Portrait Of A Lady
Charlie Reed | Eddy
Eli Paperboy Reed | Down Every Road
Reef | Shoot Me Your Ace
RF Force | RF Force
Ridney | Gravity (Spiritchaser Remix) EP
Yannick Rieu | Qui Qu’en Grogne
Alexander Robotnick | The Hidden Game EP
Lou Roy | Pure Chaos
Röyksopp | Profound Mysteries
RT-Zed | ZedNation
RVDS | Cosmic Diversity
St. Arnaud | Love And The Front Lawn
St. Lucia | Utopia I EP
Oumou Sangaré | Timbuktu
Saorise | Two Bruised Egos EP
Julian Sartorius | Mux
Saviour | Shine & Fade
Say Zuzu | Here Again: A Retrospective (1994-2002)
Scalping | Void
Scarlata | Power Through!
Scene Queen | Bimbocore
Scene Queen | Pink Panther
Schwizzle | Withpayment
SDH | Maybe A Body
Secret People | Secret People
Seratones | Love & Algorhythms
Shakewell | Pray 4 Shakewell
Shanti | Post-Kid EP
Shelf Lives | Yes, Offence
Bobby Shmurda | They Don’t Know
Shonky | On The Run
Jaymie Silk | The Rise & Fall Of Jaymie Silk & Rave Culture LP
Austin Skinner | Rich Junkies
Slowtorch | The Machine Has Failed
Sam Smith | Love Me More
Smoking Room | Everything Ends
Soldier | Broken In Place
Peter Somuah | Outer Space
Daniel Son | The Bush Doctor
Sonisk Blodbad | The Shores Of Oblivion
Sparks | Balls 21st Century Collection Edition
Sparks | Hello Young Lovers 21st Century Collection Edition
Sparks | Lil’ Beethoven 21st Century Collection Edition
Caroline Spence | True North
Spill Your Guts | The Wrath It Takes
Alexandra Stan | Rainbows
Steelbourne | A Tale As Old As Time
Parov Stelar | Moonlight Love Affair
String | Last Index Of…
Subway Sect | Moments Like These
Melchior Sultana | Self Reflection
Sunset Sons | Too Many Humans, Not Enough Souls.
Harvey Sutherland | Boy
Damo Suzuki & Spiritczualic Enhancement Center | Arkaoda
Courtney Swain | Silver Lining
Swiss Portrait | Safe House
Linnéa Talp | Arch of Motion
Temple Invisible | Chiasm EP
Tenderhost | The Tin EP
Throwe | Forfald
Thunder | Dopamine
Quentin Tolimieri | Monochromes
Tomberlin | I Don’t Know Who Needs To Hear This​.​.​.
Tombstones In Their Eyes | A Higher Place EP
Torrents | Dual Fates
Toro y Moi | Mahal
Trombone Shorty | Lifted
Robin Trower | Coming Closer By The Day Vinyl Reissue
Robin Trower | No More Worlds To Conquer
Sofi Tukker | Wet Tennis
Turquoisedeath | The World From You
Twïns | The Human Jazz
Ugly Perfection | Synaptic Fractals
Useless Spaceman | The Marlboro Man Rides Again
Vāmācāra | Cosmic Fires: The Enlightenment Reversed
Van The Riel | Candyman EP
Various Artists | D4DJ Groovy Mix Cover Tracks Vol.4
Various Artists | The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Music From Season 4
Various Artists | Planet Love Vol. 2: Early Transmissions 1990​-​95
Various Artists | Reigning Blood: A Tribute To Slayer
Various Artists | Space Rock: An Interstellar Traveler’s Guide
Various Artists | Take Me to the River: New Orleans
Varnrable | Air Born
Rebecca Vasmant | Dance Yourself Free EP
V.C.R. | The Chronicles of a Caterpillar: The Egg
Louie Vega | Barely Breaking Even (Ron Trent & Matthias Heilbronn Remixes)
Void Of Vision | Chronicles II: Heaven
Watain | The Agony & Ecstasy Of Watain
Water Damage | Repeater EP
Charles Watson | Yes
Waxflower | The Sound Of What Went Wrong
Faye Webster | Car Therapy Sessions
Wema | Wema
Werkha | All Werk Is Play
Weval | March On EP
Whethan | Midnight
The William Loveday Intention | The Baptiser
Ann Wilson | Fierce Bliss
Winged Wheel | No Island
Billy Woods | History Will Absolve Me 10th Anniversary Edition
Ethan Woods | Burnout
Eri Yamamoto, Chad Fowler, William Parker, Steve Hirsh | Sparks
Neil Young | Official Release Series Vol. 4
Noda Yûki | Calling
Hans Zimmer | The Survivor Soundtrack
Z.I.P.P.O. | Sense
Zombie Rodeo | The Eyes Are Set Upon You
Zu Ninjaz | Invading South America (Non Feature Remix)