Neon Bloom Hit The Bullseye With A Bullet In Tomorrow

The Toronto group lashing a lush disco score to an undeniable groove & urgent lyrics.

Neon Bloom dance like it’s their last chance on their latest single A Bullet In Tomorrow — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

An uptempo, electronica-fused dance-rock anthem that explores the ominous uncertainty of the future, the track finds the Toronto group lashing a lush disco score to an undeniable groove and urgent lyrics to craft an ode to possibility — or gthe lack thereof.

“Lyrically, it’s meant to question the type of future we want to live in,” the band explain, adding the song was largely inspired by the pandemic, overconsumption, our treatment of animals and our planet, and the consequences of it all. “The song is meant to encourage listeners to question their role as responsible co-habitants of an interconnected planet with finite resources. It encourages listeners to consider what sort of future they’re willing to work toward.”

Neon Bloom vocalist Jen Simpson, bassist Fred Yurichuk, guitarist / keyboardist Simon Chow and drummer Chris Romano are no strangers to the Toronto indie music community, thanks to their charismatic stage presence and ability to write earworm soundscapes.

Along with A Bullet In Tomorrow, their recently released EP Still Life also features Novocaine, Tangerine and Our Faces, and follows their 2018 debut First Fever. Thanks to the pandemic, Neon Bloom had to adapt their creative process for the four-track offering. “Like many other bands, we were unable to see each other, practice, or play shows,” they share. “We wrote and recorded from our individual homes, and sent clips of ideas back and forth. We eventually pieced the songs together in a way that was very different from our usual in-person songwriting sessions; for A Bullet In Tomorrow, specifically, Fred and Simon switched roles and came up with the initial musical melody that way.”

Much like the songwriting, even the production on the track and album came differently than the band’s previous efforts; A Bullet In Tomorrow focused on building and tweaking layers of loops, rather than recording full, or long takes of the song. Plus, listeners are offered an additional treat at the end of the drop. “There’s an underlying ambient sample playing at the end,” the band confesses. “It’s an audio recording from Fred’s younger sister’s house party. We felt it helps to complement the party vibe at the end.”

Watch A Bullet In Tomorrow above, sample more of Neon Bloom below, and find them at their website, Facebook and Instagram.