Kelly Besd is Dreamin’ Of A Better Day

The singer-songwriter voices the need for change in her stirring new single.

Kelly Besd tackles inequality in her hard-hitting and stirring new track and video Dreamin’ — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Fresh from the Canadian singer-songwriter’s newly released debut album Back To Me, Dreamin’ shines the spotlight on racial injustice and discrimination. Harnessing slow drums to her signature R&B vocal structures, Besd creates a warm, open, and ethereal experience while highlighting the need for change. She is joined by artists Jackie Art and K-Riz, who offer their reflections and words of hope amid a call to action.

Dreamin’ is a reflection of the album Back To Me as a whole. Intricately layered and reflective, each song covers pressing subject matter — inequality, inclusivity, and other lessons Besd has learned through navigating life’s ups and downs. Produced by ChefBeatz, Back To Me pays homage to music as a creative form of therapy. “This album airs out significant personal experiences in a vulnerable way,” she shares. “From navigating tumultuous family dynamics, to finding solace and community through music, to entertaining romance.”

Favoring moody bass sounds influenced by R&B and rock, and blending pop into her signature sound wherever she sees fit, the multi-talented Besd creates international influence through catchy melodies, infectious hooks, and a diverse network of collaborators.

Watch Dreamin’ above, hear Back To Me below, and keep up with Kelly Besd at her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.