Village Manor Fight The Good Fight To Put Gunsaway

The Toronto quintet take aim at gun violence in their passionate new single & video.


Village Manor encourage everyone to put their Gunsaway in their new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The imploring plea is at the heart of the folk-rockers’ debut release, and was inspired by how “tired everyone is waking up every morning to the news of gun violence on a consistent basis,” co-front John Weinberg says. “It’s every single day!”

In response, the Toronto quintet take aim with their own powerful musical arsenal: An anthem of peace constructed from thundering tom-tom grooves, swirling organ lines, moody guitars — all topped with passionately gritty vocals and a lyrical message of hope and change.

Village Manor sprang up in 2018. A chance encounter between guitarists Weinberg and Sam Kay during an open mic set the band in motion; they soon added singer Mike Levine (Tragically Hits Band), percussionist Corey Weinberg (Numb Tongues), and bassist Mike Grundy (Wychwood Sound).

Watch Gunsaway above, listen to the track below, and follow Village Manor on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.