Monday Mixtape | 68 Songs To Make (Or Break) Your Valentine’s Day (Side 1)


Decades ago, I had a business idea that seemed pretty solid at the time — and still does. It was called The Guy Store. Basically, it would be a shop that stocked all the stuff desperate men wait until the last minute to buy for dates, holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. You’d have flowers and balloons, chocolates and candy, wines and liqueurs, cards and ribbons, stuffed animals and trinkets, and maybe even a few (ahem) adult items. Based on the number of frantic men you see spending ridiculous amounts of money on random junk at the mall every Christmas Eve, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, I’m pretty sure it would do just fine. If anybody out there wants to give it a shot, go for it: Just cut me in for a slice. Meanwhile, here’s a freebie: 68 new singles, videos, cover tunes and remixes for your playlist. The sweetest treats are tagged with a ❤️. Best of luck:



1 | Reuben’s Daughters | Underwater Garden

2 | Ice Nine Kills | Take Your Pick (ft. Corpsegrinder)

3 | David Holmes | It’s Over, If We Run Out Of Love (ft. Raven Violet)

4 | Metrolight | 20th Century Boy

5 | MuMu | Brooklyn Tonight

6 | Stone House on Fire | Waterfall

7 | Borts Minorts + Hug Victim | Horned God (Give Me The Strength)

8+9 The Proton Energy Pills | Revolution + Ttombstone

10 | Destroyer | Eat the Wine, Drink the Bread

11-13 | Chubby & The Gang | Who Loves You (Coup d’Etat) + Twice Shy + Ain’t There No One?

14+15 | Sunrot | 21% + The Garden (ft. ErosLovesYou)

16+17 | Famous Problems | Loneliness Is Not The Problem + The Longer You’re Lonely

18 | Polymorph | Motherfucker Whoa!