Victa Plays It Cool While You’re Keeping Score

The Ottawa singer-songwriter isn't interested in your games in his latest single.


Victa has the number of complicated lover who’s Keeping Score in his seductive new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Sporting a late-night vibe set against a smoothly bumping R&B groove, Victa’s story about a couple with a raw, tumultuous connection touches on themes of relationship imbalance and the feeling that both parties aren’t on the same page. As Victa puts it, “at that point, people start questioning if it’s worth the emotional cost. My goal was to create a song that would resonate with listeners who’ve had a similar experience or experiences. Maybe they’ll hear a bit of themselves in my lyrics.”

The latest jam from Ottawa artist Victor Gabriel-Hanson, Keeping Score seamlessly melds an up-tempo trap swing with textured synths to construct a song with mass appeal. Channeling the most significant artists in R&B and pop with a side of Jack Harlow, Victa’s ear for hits continues to develop; a balance of distinct soundscapes and pristine production values demonstrate that Keeping Score can hold its own.

The accompanying video by prominent videographer Francis Klan ‘Chleepy’ lines up the visuals to the sonics in a cohesive way. Beautifully shot and edited, the clip further illustrates the lyrical dynamic between both characters. Rinila Haridas plays the sultry provocateur opposite Victa in a video brimming with style and seductive tone.

Watch Keeping Score above, check out more of Victa’s work below, and find him at his website, Instagram and TikTok.