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Late-Night TV Music (Just Add LSD Edition) | April 23, 2019

Forget Maggie Rogers and enjoy some LSD as your midday treat.

Apparently Jimmy Fallon didn’t get the memo. The rest of the major-network late-night hosts have taken the week off — but grinnin’ Jimmy and his Tonight Show are still on the air. Considering he’s the only game in town, he hasn’t exactly been making the most of it music-wise. He didn’t have an act on Monday, and Tuesday’s offering was popster Maggie Rogers — you might remember her from a few weeks ago, when she was being hailed as the Next Big Thing based on her overhyped album Heard It in a Past Life. Anyway, since her 15 minutes aren’t quite up yet, she performed her forgettable song Say It. Which pretty much says it for the late-night music. Thankfully, I found something better: LSDLabrinth, Sia and Diplo — offering a suitably trippy rendition of their single No New Friends on today’s episode of Ellen. Tune in, turn on, drop out.


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