Farsight | Hara-Kiri // Brutus: Exclusive Video Premiere

The Long Island extremists hit you with both barrels in their double-strength video.

Farsight come out swinging with a one-two punch in their new double-strength live video Hara Kiri // Brutus — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

Shot in real time at the band’s debut performance — which also happened to be the release show for the Long Island musical extremists’ EP Exhume — the fast-paced, hard-hitting clip takes you inside the cyclone of intensity and mayhem that Farsight deliver live. While capturing the tracks’ aggressive energy and breakdowns that spotlight the band’s hardcore side, the footage also documents a monstrous performance by the quintet, along with an equally impressive reaction in the crowd that includes constant energy in the pit, and members of the crowd rushing the stage.

“It was complete chaos in the best way possible,” says producer Tom Flynn. “My camera almost got spin-kicked a few times, but it was totally worth it. It was a pretty insane turn out for a band’s first show ever.”

The two complementary tracks — which both examine betrayal from different perspectives — are no less intense. In Hara-Kiri, the rage is focused inward via expressions of self-loathing, while Brutus looks outsward, discussing how it feels to be stabbed in the back. But the lyrics of both songs cut equally deep. “I dug my grave so I could hide from what I’ve done to myself,” vocalist Anthony Villani confesses over Hara-Kiri’s devastating combo of gnarling guitars, thundering bass and mauling drums. Meanwhile, Brutus coldly asks: “How could you live with yourself? You killed your own, and now you’re alone,” punching you in the heart even as the track drowns you in crushing riffs.

That indestructible alloy of punishing power and emotional intensity has helped the young Long Island outfit make an indelible mark on the scene. Although only established officially as a band this year, Anthony Villani (vocals), Matt “Fish” Fischetti (guitar/production), Johnny Kaiser (drums), Dylan Dijan (bass guitar) and his brother Devon Dijan (guitar) have been working on the project since 2017. Farsight released their debut video Solace HERE in February, just one month before their premiering Exhume exclusively HERE.

Exhumed was produced by Matt Fischetti and mastered by Ermin Hamidovic at Systematic Productions. Watch the video for Hara-Kiri // Brutus above, listen to Solace below, and keep up with Farsight on their website, Instagram and Facebook.

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