Celia’s Dream Take You Back To the ’90s

The Regina shoegazers pack a potent musical punch with their debut single.


Celia’s Dream flash back to the glory days of alt-rock with You — their new single showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Pulsing with surging vibrancy and gritty instrumentation — and layered with lyrical melancholy and bittersweet nostalgia — the Regina shoegazers’ debut single packs a potent sonic and conceptual punch. Their reverb-soaked guitars and thunderous drums represent the tumultuous nature of relationships, while the song’s yearning message is conveyed through its poetic, minimalist lyrics. Meanwhile, the track’s soft-serve vocals meld seamlessly with robust soundscape to form a multi-layered wall of sound whose dynamic heft and infectious energy are magnified and amplified by the high-quality production.

You came together over 18 months ago, and was initially designated The Summer Song due to its uptempo nature. Its release was delayed after most of the band’s equipment was stolen, but the song proves to be more than worth the wait, setting the tone for the band’s forthcoming full-length.

Celia’s Dream is the creation of enigmatic frontman Justice Ausum, formerly of Sunny Day Encore. Accompanying him are bassist Cullen Angus and Chris Dimas, who helps define the sound of Celia’s Dream. Hailing from Regina, the band proudly claim influence from The Cure, Sonic Youth, Nirvana and others. Ausum’s love of the ’90s alternative rock scene continues to focus the lens through which he views music, evan as he adds his individual style to the mix to conjure something fresh and exciting.

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