Hollow River Is Headed For A Fall In September

The singer-songwriter pulls the plug in his powerful and personal pop-punk number.


Hollow River gets out while the getting is good in his personal and powerful pop-punk single and animated video September — showcasing today on Tinnist.

Mark MacDonald, the Oakville-born, Boston-based multi-talent behind Hollow River, says September is about “living in a toxic moment understanding that that it cannot last forever before the inevitable fall. I wrote this song during a period where I was drinking too much and realized that what was once fun was now starting to pull me down. I hope it serves as an allegory for others that have flirted with alcohol or drug abuse.”

While September is his newest track, it’s been in the works for some time. What you hear now is actually his third stab at the song, which finds him trading his rap-based vocal approach for a more melodic approach reminiscent of classic Blink-182 and Good Charlotte. Fittingly, September also boasts rapidly chugging guitar riffs, propulsive drums and even a brief, yet emotional piano breakdown — everything you expect from a true pop-punk anthem.

MacDonald’s career began when he became an intern at Hamilton’s iconic Grant Avenue Studio. After that, he moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music, working towards a double major in music production and engineering/songwriting. Now, when he’s not honing in on his own songwriting, he’s a production assistant at Massachusetts’ Revival House Records studio.

September is Hollow River’s third single, following Still and Known To Lie. He has also released the three-track Quarantine Mixtape EP and his 2019 debut album Bleed Only Water. Watch September above, hear more from Hollow River below, and keep up with him at his website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.