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Robert Kretzschmar Welcomes You To A Homecoming

The German drummer makes his solo debut with this endearing offering.

Robert Kretzschmar treats you to a warm and tender Homecoming on his intimate and artful new album — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The longtime drummer for Anna Erhard, Kat Frankie, Masha Qrella, Das Paradies and Albertine Sarges, among others, Kretzschmar takes a long-awaited step into the world of solo musicians with his full-length debut.

This is what you can expect from Robert’s album: His understated voice, alternating between hinting and singing, leads through catchy arrangements with ever-surprising chord changes reminiscent of Phoenix or the nonchalance of Mac DeMarco. Drums and bass are very present while leaving room for shimmering synth pads and disco strings. Almost in astonishment and at the same time sympathetic, Kretzschmar describes creeping changes, farewells and encounters with the big questions of life on his debut album. He is both protagonist and observer. Laconicness, casual humour and love for individual words are often mixed together. The most casual connection between melancholic introspection and slow-disco glamour.

Raised in the Thuringian Woodlands and rooted in Berlin for 20 years, Robert writes, plays and produces all the songs himself. Mixed by renowned producer Olaf Opal (Notwist, International Music), mastered by Norman Nitzsche (Whitest Boy Alive, Beirut) and finished with string arrangements by Michael Mühlhaus (Blumfeld, Die Türen), his debut tells razor-sharp stories — with a clear sound that would make Robert Wyatt dream.

Kretzschmar has already made a name for himself as a live and studio musician in the German pop and indie landscape. As part of the duo It’s A Musical, he released several albums and EPs with numerous tours in Europe and Asia. Since 2012, he has also been involved in theatre productions as a composer and musical director at Schauspiel Frankfurt, Theater Bonn and Schauspiel Hannover.

Check out Homecoming and watch its accompanying videos below, and make yourself at home on Robert Kretzschmar’s website and Instagram.