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Albums Of The Week: Melissa Etheridge | One Way Out

The singer-songwriter gives some rough ’n’ rugged leftovers a chance to shine.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Award-winning singer, songwriter and activist Melissa Etheridge’s One Way Out is a collection of music she wrote in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s that never made the cut — until now.

Etheridge stumbled upon these decades-old songs and demos years ago while gathering materials for a retrospective box set. As she went through the songs, it brought her back to the start of her career and how they just weren’t right for that particular time or album. Some of the tracks were written before she had even come out and she never felt comfortable releasing them, but knew they would be perfect for the box set.

In 2013, the singer found herself back at Henson Studios in Los Angeles with her original band (Fritz Lewak, John Shanks, Kevin McCormick), who helped her give these songs a new life. Shortly after she finished the records, she parted ways with her label and the box set was shelved. Melissa began working on new material and once again, those songs were set aside. That finally changed in 2020 when she was sorting through old files to share with fans on her Friday Night Time Machine show. The time was finally right. Fans will finally get a deeper glimpse of who Melissa was then.”