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Albums Of The Week: Onipa | Tapes Of Utopia

Good luck sitting still during the Afrobeat masters’ unstoppably groovy mixtape.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Tapes Of Utopia brilliantly showcases Onipa’s crossover appeal, full of danceable grooves alongside politically astute lyricism.

The legendary Tony Allen features on Chicken No Dey Fly, while Porridge rallies against those who “Lie to the poor people.” Tami is a psychedelic exploration, while Mokole features the MOBO Award-nominated Ghanaian rapper M3NSA. Each track from the mixtape bristles with future-facing experimentation whilst giving nods to the heroes of the past.

Onipa was born out of a deep collaboration between long-time friends K.O.G. (Kweku of Ghana of KOG and the Zongo Brigade) and Tom Excell (MD, guitarist and writer of acclaimed jazz / soul Afrobeat pioneers Nubiyan Twist). The five-piece crew’s live show features K.O.G. on vocals, balafon and percussion, Excell on guitar, percussion and electronics, Dwayne Kilvington (Wonky Logic) on synths and MPC, Joe Henwood (Nubiyan Twist) on barritone sax and electronics and Finn Booth (Nubiyan Twist) on drums.”