Junk Dior Misses You When We’re Both Apart

The synth-popster pines for a party princess in his bittersweet new single.


Junk Dior turns loneliness into bittersweet pop on the single When We’re Both Apart — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Amid layers of beats, synth, soaring vocal harmonies and more, the song from his R.etrograde EP tells the story of a ‘party princess’ who continually evades the narrator, giving him time only in the spaces between one party and the next — even if the fun is only on TikTok. When We’re Both Apart was born of Junk Dior’s personal exhaustion from working in nightclubs, a feeling surrounded by superficial intimacy. He “feels saddened by the disconnect between couples,” adding that the song is what he believes is an accurate representation of the modern 21st-century relationship.

Junk Dior, aka Michael Finkelstein, has courted a love of music since childhood. He and his identical twin brother were both avid music aficionados, digging into their parents’ music collection from a young age. A friend’s father, a professional drummer, had a huge drum set in his living room, which further added to the obsession. Junk Dior then discovered the piano, on which is self-taught. After becoming interested in other types of music, including film scores and electronic, the loss of a high-school classmate inspired him to compose a full piece for the school orchestra. That was the beginning of his love of performing — and his large-scale musical ambitions.

Check out When We’re Both Apart above, hear R.etrograde below, and don’t miss Junk Dior at his website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.