Jack In Water Goes Deep With You Don’t Feel Like Home

The singer-songwriter’s album deals focuses on family, friendship & falling in love.


Jack In Water dives into a sea of emotionally charged topics on his debut album You Don’t Feel Like Home — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The chamber pop nom-de-plume of British-born, Spanish-based singer-songwriter William Clapson, the LP is highlighted by the newly unveiled single Everyone Will Be Lost, as well as previous offerings For You, Anxious Smothers, the title track and more.

Produced by Oli Bayston (Loyle Carner, The 2 Bears) at his East London Studio, You Don’t Feel Like Home is not a record to rush. A striking statement of acceptance that’s as much about moving on as it is about looking back, these seven songs delve into Clapson’s childhood, delivering introspective, coming-of-age songs that draw on topics of family, friendship, and falling in love, while also addressing darker, deeply personal issues — sexual abuse, alcohol misuse and the discovery of death.

It’s in that personal sharing that Clapson both found and supported a sense of community; as Jack In Water, he recently released a beautiful acoustic version of his track Monster, which caught the attention of Mankind, a sexual abuse charity for men. In a bid to help others through talking about his own experiences, Clapson has since worked closely with the charity, and survivors of abuse. “One of the first projects we did is called The Way Through It,” he shares. “It features a series of stories of each survivor, and explains the process they went through to get help and support.”

Watch Everyone Will Be Lost above, listen to You Don’t Feel Like Home below, and find Jack In Water at his website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.