Sonic Reducers | Talkin’ Bob Dylan’s First Livestream

Why now? What will it be like? Should you watch? The answers may surprise you.

Bob Dylan does things his own way in his own time. Case in point: More than a year after every artist in the world started livestreaming shows, Zimmy just announced that he’s going to hold his first online gig next month.

Why now? What will it be like? And should you watch? We could spend all day trying to figure out the answers — but world’s greatest publicist Eric Alper and I only need five minutes to break it down in today’s Sonic Reducers segment. Join us as we jaw about the livestream, debate whether it’s worth the money, and share our fervent hopes that it’s interactive — so Bob can see all his disappointed fans giving him the finger when he converts another one of his beloved classics into something they barely recognize. Sonic Reducers: One topic. Two music nerds. Five minutes. Everything you want to know.