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Now Hear This: Gods of Blitz | Now

I'm getting caught up on the good albums that have come out lately. Like this one


THE TRANSLATED & EDITED BIO:Gods of Blitz were considered the whiz kid on the German indie rock scene: Founded at the end of 2004, the band was signed in the practice room after just a few months. This was followed by two albums, Stolen Horse (2005) and Reporting A Mirage (2007), with the participation of an illustrious group of Hellacopters, Strokes and Tocotronic producers, successful club tours, celebrated festival seasons and gaudy videos with feather boas and reflective sheeting.

But before you got used to the idea that there is a band in Berlin that does everything right and rocks with heart and humor at the highest level, it ended way too early after only three short years — the singer left the band and moved to Sweden. The other three members released another album with a new singer, but disbanded after a tour. In 2012, four and a half years after their last joint appearance, Gods of Blitz returned — with the original line-up of Jens Freudenberg (guitar), Sebastian Gäbel (bass and vocals), Jakob Kiersch (drums), and Olli Wong (guitar) — for two sold-out concerts. Two evenings in the Kreuzberg neighborhood club Lido, in the heart of the world, where it all began. A big movie theater. The band played like unleashed, it burned like the first time, and everyone sang along loudly. On Aug. 28 2020, Gods of Blitz released a new single Cactus Complex and announced the release of an upcoming full-length album Now.”