Jordana Of Earth Is Riding High

The singer takes a hypnotic journey in the video for her seductive new single.

Jordana of Earth gets out of her head and trips into the night in the hypnotic video for her seductive, intoxicating single High — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“I talk about being in my head, and this lover’s ability to pull me out of it, even if it’s just in a brief moment of intimacy,” the Toronto artist explains. “It’s honestly a pretty personal song — I talk about darkness, about the trials of life having knocked me off track, and a sort of disassociation I sometimes feel from people and the world around me because of that. Getting caught up in my head, in my own world, disconnecting from things.

“(This is) allowing me to be present and alive in that moment. It’s about getting me high off the vibe of this person, and how that’s not some purely emotional or magical, or mysterious thing that’s at play, but rather something real and significant. Like there’s something about who this person actually is, and their depth, and their ability to be so real and so present, that is sort of helping me deal with my apparent tendency to disconnect from people and from situations.”

Produced by Toronto’s Caleb Elias G — who also helmed previous offerings Tell Me and Ringer — the track is illustrated by a captivating black and white video loop of the artist cruising through the night.

“It walks the line between disconnect and intimacy, and the lyrics are sort of navigating that space,” Jordana says. “The main line of the chorus, ‘you get me so high’ is playing off the idea of being high, as something that’s chemical or of an altered state, but rather I’m talking about something that’s really quite the opposite. Something real and unaltered and just pure.”

Watch High above, hear more from Jordana Of Earth below, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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