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Albums Of The Week: Astral Magic | Magical Kingdom

Settle in for a mellow trip with this Finnish multi-tasker's psychedelic prog excursion.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Astral Magic is a new solo project by Santtu Laakso aka DJ Astro. He used to play bass and Moog in Finnish psychedelic space-rock band Dark Sun. Astral Magic has no definitive style or form, but everything is and will be spacey and psychedelic.

Since the project was started in March 2020, over 300 tracks have been created. Some of the tracks are cosmic, ambient excursions into other dimensions, some are more space/kraut/psych/prog rocking in the vein of Hawkwind, Gong, Eloy, Pink Floyd, NEU! etc. Santtu’s international musician friends are often asked to join in the recordings.

Magical Kingdom can be considered as the first psychedelic prog rock album by Astral Magic. The listener is taken into another mysterious, magical world. Other musicians on the album include multi-instrumentalist Jay Tausig (U.S., drums, guitar, saxophone, flute), Gregory Curvey (U.S., guitar, glockenspiel), Peter Bingham (U.K., guitar), Markku Helin (FI, guitar), Anton Barbeau (U.S., guitar) and Perttu Lindberg (FI, drums). The album was recorded and mixed in 2020-2021 and mastered by the krautrock legend Eroc for maximum sound quality.”