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Next Week in Music | May 31-June 6 • The Long List: 400+ Releases On The Way

All the music headed for your playlist in the coming days — and plenty more.


Nearly June already? Man, time flies when you’re having … um, something. And speaking of time, here are more than 400 albums, EPs, singles, soundtracks, anthologies, compilations, box sets and vinyl reissues that will be happy to help you kill it.



A Cursed Spirit In The Mirror | Living Is but the Truest of Hell
The Alarm | History Repeating 1981-2021
All Wasted | Burn With Me
Marina Allen | Candlepower
Shaka Amazulu As Al-Hajar-Ul-Aswad | School Of The Gifted 0.1 (Al – Hajar – Ul – Aswad Edition)
Shaka Amazulu The 7th | School Of The Gifted 0.5 (Black Stone of Mecca Edition)
Anatomia | Dissected Humanity Reissue
Anti-God Hand | Wretch
The Ar-Kaics | Live In The Shit
Armlock | Trust
Atomic Bronco | Headfirst EP
Atreyu | Baptize
The Avalanches | Since I Left You 20th Anniversary Edition
Tim Ayre | Mexican Holiday EP
Lloyd Banks | The Course Of The Inevitable
Mimi Bay | Far From Home EP
Beetlebat | The Middle
Dahveed Behroozi | Echos
Bellk | Umpire Reissue
Chris Bergson | All I Got Left
Judith Berkson | Liederkreis II
Biesmans | Trains, Planes & Automobiles
Bizou | Tragic Lover
Black Moon Mother | Illusions Under the Sun
Black Pumas | Capitol Cuts – Live at Studio A
Black River Delta | Shakin’
Black Roots | Nothing In The Larder
Black Veil Brides | The Phantom Tomorrow
Blueanimal | Figment That Was Me
Pablo Bolivar | Framework Of A Dream
The Graham Bond Organisation | Wade In The Water (Classics, Origins & Oddities)
Matt Booth & Palindromes | Mythomania
Boss Keloid | Family the Smiling Thrush
Anthony Braxton | 12 Comp (ZIM) 2017
Butcher Brown | Encore EP
Cande Y Paulo | Cande Y Paulo
Cannon | Connexion
Joe Cardamone | Quarentina
Doja Cat | Planet Her
Cavetown | Man’s Best Friend
Chain Reaktor | Homesick
Chicago | Chicago Transit Authority Vinyl Reissue
Chief Ghoul | These Lycanthropic Blues
Children of Zeus | Balance
Circle Of Sighs | Narci
Circus Rhapsody | Just Kidding
Gerald Cleaver | Griots
Riley Clemmons | Godsend
Cleopatrick | Bummer
Cloak Of Altering | Sheathed Swords Drip with Poisonous Honey
Cloud Eleven | Pandora’s Box
Code | Flyblown Prince
Turner Cody & The Soldiers of Love | Friends In High Places
Mark Collie | Book of My Blues
Common Grackle | Old Dog New Tricks Who This
Corbu | Lost & Found EP
Kevin Corcoran and Jacob Felix Heule | Erosion
Cornett | The Ghost Inside Me
Crowded House | Dreamers Are Waiting
Crypt Crawler | Future Usurper
The Cucumbers | The Desk Drawer Tapes
CYaRon! | ”Love Live! Sunshine!!” CYaRon!
Pan Daijing | Jade
Daisy Mortem | Fausse Nouvelle
Dez Dare | Hairline Ego Trip
Dark0 | Eternity
Darkminds | Good News
Das Beat | Identität
Dead Bandit | From The Basement
Dead Heat | World At War
Decapitated | The First Damned
Deep Tan | Creeping Speedwells
Def3 | Weddings and Funerals
Desaster | Churches Without Saints
Raheem DeVaughn & Apollo Brown | Lovesick
Dexter Dine | Globe
Lucy Francesca Dron | Leftovers EP
Smoke DZA | The Hustler’s Catalog 2
Easy Life | Life’s A Beach
Ecilo | Uncovert
Ecko | Géminis
Eiger Drums Propaganda | III
Electrobuddha | Biba Love Single
Eremit | Bearer of Many Names
Eternal Struggle | Year Of The Gun
Ron Everett | Glitter of the City
Exek | Good Thing They Ripped Up The Carpet
Exum | Xardinal Coffee
Eye of Purgatory | The Lighthouse
August Fanon & Defcee | We Dressed the City with Our Names
Feeo | feels like we’re getting older doesn’t it EP
Feral | The End
Sam Filiatreau | Sam Filiatreau
Flanger Magazine | Forgotten Fields
Paul Fletcher & The Dukes | In the Blink of An Eye
Flotsam & Jetsam | Blood In The Water
Fluids | Not Dark Yet
Fousheé | Time Machine
Peter Frampton | Somethin’s Happening / Frampton Reissue
Rosie Frater-Taylor | Bloom
TMG FRE$H | Margiela Language
Funeral For A Wizard | Descending Man-made Mountains of Misery
Futura Free | Reducer
GangAwry | Politics
Ghost Twin | Love Songs for End Times
Giant Drag | Lemona EP Reissue
Giant Drag | Swan Song EP Reissue
Billy F. Gibbons | Hardware
Paul Gilbert | Werewolves of Portland
Dobet Gnahoré | Couleur
Goat Sanctuary | Chthonic EP
Goats Of Doom | Shiva
Goldford | Dreams of Summertime EP
Goose | Shenanigans Nite Club
Green Jellÿ (Suxx Mexico) | Garbage Band Kids
Greentea Peng | Man Made
Greyface | Underground Star
Hannes Grossmann | To Where The Light Retreats
Sleepy Hallow | Still Sleep?
Hard Nips | Master Cat
Hatesong | Chapel Rats
Colin Hay | Going Somewhere Vinyl Reissue
Walker Hayes | Country Stuff EP
Rip Hayman | Waves: Real and Imagined
Hays Street Hart | All Things Are
Hexvessel | Dawnbreaker 10th Anniversary Edition
Hildegard | Hildegard
Lydia Hol | Love & Devotion EP
Hotel Kali | Hotel Kali
Human Failure | Urchin
San Holo | bb u ok?
Mary Hott with the Carpenter Ants | Devil in the Hills: Coal Country Reckoning
Hum Hum | Traversant
Bailey Ibbs | Helter Skelter
Impulsealer | 42
Inhuman Condition | Rat God
In Shadows And Dust | Dispraised Soul
International Trainwreck | Smokestack of Souls
Iris | love and other disasters
Simone Istwa | Heartweb EP
James | All The Colours Of You
Loraine James | Reflection
Jána | Works EP
Japanese Breakfast | Jubilee
Jayenne | Love Fantasy (Dr Packer Remix)
Jeshua | Unreliable Narrator
Eric Johanson | Covered Tracks: Vol. 2
Jomoro | Blue Marble Sky
Joy | Hello
J3PO | Mains
Olivia Kaplan | Tonight Turns to Nothing
Annie Keating | Bristol Country Tides
Kelpe | Kyverdale Road
Dro Kenji | Fuck Your Feelings
Steve Kilbey and The Winged Heels | The Hall of Counterfeits
Killing Addiction | Mind of a New God
King Buffalo | The Burden Of Restlessness
Klamm | Misanthropocene
Konstruct | Three (Squared)
Kool Keith | Keith’s Salon
Jonny Kosmo | Pastry
Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys | Transit Taper (For Women Who Move Furniture Around)
Edouard Landry | Be Here Now
Lanterna | Hidden Drives
Laroze | Don’t Make Me Over
Chad Lawson | You Finally Knew Deluxe Edition
Leatherface | Mush
Latewaves | Hell To Pay
Left At London | T.I.A.P.F.Y.H.
Jens Lekman | When I Said I Wanted To Be Your Dog Vinyl Reissue
Lemuriams | 🚲
Jack Lenz | Shelter Soundtrack
Let’s Be Giants | Fade In / Fade Out
Lightning Orchestra | Freedom Of Creation
Liholesie | Shamanic Twilight
Lil Baby & Lil Durk | Voice Of The Heroes
Kajsa Lindgren | Momentary Harmony
Valter Lobo | Primeira parte de um assalto
Loose Cattle | Heavy Lifting
Lost Decades | The Precipice of Now
Gary Louris | Jump for Joy
Love Good Fail | Weekend Single
Galcher Lustwerk | Can’t Believe Single
Lycanthro | Mark of the Wolf
James Mackenzie | The Honeymoon
Madness | Absolutely
Kirk McElhinney | You Are Not Your Past
Miriam Makeba | Keep Me in Mind Remastered
Malneezy | Throwaways Pt. 3
Alexis Marshall | LP
Michael Mayo | Bones
Alyson McNamara | Let Me Sleep
Meager Benefits | Station
Maxi Meraki | The Way (Extended Mix)
Hailu Mergia | Tezeta
M5 (Gerald Mitchell) | GM – 01 EP
Mndsgn | Rare Pleasure
Modern Modern Life | The Hard Copy
Juana Molina | Segundo (21st Anniversary)
Monograms | Floors and Ceilings EP
Monsta X | One of a Kind
Mountain of Smoke | Gods of Biomechanics
Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Adrian Younge | João Donato JID007
The Mumps | Rock & Roll This, Rock & Roll That: Best Case Scenario, You’ve Got Mumps
Mungk | Temple Of Mungk
My Name Is Ian | Fantastic Company
Myronath | Djevelkraft
Narciss | Dear Diary
Necronemesis | Some Things Should Stay Underground
Nephila | Nephila
Neupink | Seaweed Jesus
New Candys | Vyvyd
New Morning Blues | London
The New Rising Sons | Demo to Demolition
Night Beats | Outlaw R&B
Night Tempo | 集中 Concentration
Niia | If I Should Die EP
Nikshoww | Young Dream Chaser
Harry Nilsson | Who Is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin’ About Him)? DVD Reissue
Nonô | Midnight Mimoas EP
Tig Notaro | Live Vinyl Reissue
Olivia O’Brien | EPISODES
Sana Obruent | Fatem
Octohawk | Animist
Ohmwork | Pareidolia
Okuté | Okuté
Joy Oladokun | In Defense of My Own Happiness
Ô Lake | Gerry
The Oogars | Waiting All Day
One-Trick Pony | MORE
Ormiston | Hammer Down
Oslo Tapes | ØR
Osmond Chapman Orchestra | There’s More where That Came From
Ossaert | Pelgrimsoord
Our Nameless Boy | Colour From The Doves
Overcoats | Used To Be Scared Of The Dark
Ro Panuganti | Project Discover
Para One | Sundial EP
Lucas Parax | On Se Foulera Plus Tard EP
Paris Pick | Hope For The Best
Part Chimp | CryDrool
Parting | Make Me EP
Pastel Coast | Sun
Greentea Peng | Man Made
Oscar Peterson | Exclusively For My Friends Vinyl Reissue
Liz Phair | Soberish
People Like Us | Welcome Abroad
Plaguestorm | Purifying Fire
Pop Crimes | Up To The Moon Single
Porterfield | Rome
Poté | A Tenuous Tale of Her
Lua Preta | Diaspora Remixes
Johnathan Pushkar | Compositions
Qlowski | Quale Futuro?
Queen Of The Meadow | Survival Of The Unfittest
The Quilter | Bolt The Door
Quivers | Golden Doubt
The Raging Nathans | Waste My Heart
Isaiah Rashad | The House Is Burning
Tommy Ray | Handful of Hits
Red Fang | Arrows
Sofia Rei | UMBRAL
Renforshort | Off Saint Doiminque EP
Reptilicus | Designer Time Reissue
Jordan Reyes | What Is A Ghost? Is It Really Me?
Rhapsody Of Fire | I’ll Be Your Hero EP
Rhode & Brown | Everything In Motion
Rise Against | Nowhere Generation
Peter Rosenberg | Real LIve
Dan Rosenboom, Billy Mohler & Anthony Fung | Refraction
Rostam | Changephobia
Rubbabandz | School Of The Gifted 0 . 4 (Max Maximus Edition)
Mark Rubin: Jew of Oklahoma | The Triumph of Assimilation
Patrice Rushen | Straight from the Heart
Sigillum S / Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte | Blues and Doped Flowers from Twenty Three Years After Eschaton
Shabaam Sahdeeq | Timeless, of the Collection LP
Saka | Penumbra
Satsang | All. Right. Now.
Scarlxrd | Acquired Taste: Vxl. 2
School Of The Gifted | School Of The Gifted
School Of The Gifted | School Of The Gifted 0.2 (Brown Dracula Edition)
School Of The Gifted | School Of The Gifted 0.3 (The Kingpin Wit Da Inkpen Edition)
School Of The Gifted | School Of The Gifted 0.6 (Red Heroin Edition)
School Of The Gifted | School Of The Gifted 0.9 (Semester IV: Versus)
Seafoam Green | Martin’s Garden
Secret Rule | Mea Culpa
Sedibus | The Heavens
Ty Segall and Cory Hanson | She’s a Beam EP
Seputus | Phantom Indigo
Set It Off | Midnight: The Final Chapter
Mark Shippy & Alex Cunningham | Ghost Note
Shun | Shun
Sickrecy | First World Anxiety EP
Sigillum S | Macelleria Mobile Di Mezzanote | Blues and Doped Flowers from Twenty Three Years After Eschaton
Kim Simmonds | Out of the Blue
Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor | Good Goddamn
Six Organs of Admittance | The Veiled Sea
Ski Mask The Slump God | Sin City
Skids | Songs From A Haunted Ballroom
Skinner | Gunge EP
Sleepy Hallow | Still Sleep?
Slikback | Quoios / Klout
Slimey Things | Quantum Reality TV
Slugabed | we have the window open at night
Sly & The Family Drone | Jamaica ! ! Meets Sly – Celebrating The End Together In The Good Time Swamp
Walter Smith III | Still Casual
Snaarj | Snarrj II
Somnuri | Nefarious Wave
Soramimi | The World Trembles In My Hands
Sorbet | This Was Paradise
Sordide | Les Idées Blanches
Sojourner | Perennial EP
Sorrow & The Spire | My Misery Calling
Soul Extract | Solid State
Soulful Femme | It Is Well With My Soul
Soul Grinder | Lifeless Obsession
The Speedways | Borrowed & Blue
Spirits Burning | Evolution Ritual
Squarepusher | Feed Me Weird Things Remastered
Tasos Stamou | Antiqua Graecia
Starlight Ritual | Sealed in Starlight
Leni Stern | Dance
Rod Stewart | 1975-1978
Stevenson | Loser Friendly
Rome Streetz & Ankhlejohn | Genesis 1:27
Strut Avenue | How Do You Think It Should Be?
Stubborn Heart | Made Of Static
Suf/Sond | A Perfect Little Death
Quinn Sullivan |Wide Awake
Sundur | Somewhere There’s Music
Sunglasses For Jaws | Everybody’s Made Of Bones
Sunjacket | More Lifelike
SunPalace | Rude Movements: The Remixes
The Sunset Drip | Bad Driver EP
Sunstrom Sound | Stormspace
Superbloom | Pollen
Susto | Rogue Acoustic
Swell Maps | Mayday Signals
Swift Silver | Swift Silver
PJ Sykes | Fuzz
Syst3m Glitch | Beyond Stars
Jenn Taiga | Lunar Nocturnes and Esoteric Incantations
Taiyo | Land EP
Talk Show Host | Mid Century Modern
Tape Waves | Bright
Tapes | Stepping EP
Tech N9ne & Hu$h | Blight – EP
Ole Teigen | Aske og Jord
Theos | We Miss The Crowd EP
Chris Thile | Laysongs
Tomorrow x Together | The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE
Totally Slow | Casual Drag
Theo Travis | Songs From The Apricot Tree
Thy Light | Thy Light
Tristen | Aquatic Flowers
Trouble | Psalm 9
Trouble | The Skull
Frank Turner | England Keep My Bones 10th Anniversary
Two Lanes | Reflections EP
Two White Cranes | For When the Future Rolls Around (Selected Songs, 2012 – 2017)
Thee U.F.O | Live Vol. 1
Kali Uchis | sin miedo acoustic EP
Vaarwell | Consume & Grow EP
Van Canto | To The Power Of Eight
Various Artists | Allen Ginsburg’s The Fall of America | A 50th Anniversary Musical
Various Artists | …And Out Come The Lawsuits!
Various Artists | Chillhop Essentials Summer 2021
Various Artists | Curses Presents: Next Wave Acid Punx
Various Artists | The Problem of Leisure: A Celebration of Andy Gill and Gang of Four
Various Artists | Monday Dreamin’ Blue EP
Various Artists | Secretly Canadian: SC25 Anniversary
Various Artists | Strong Love: Songs Of Gay Liberation 1972-1981
Rebecca Vasmant | With Love, From Glasgow
The Velvet Underground | Velvet Underground Three Card Trick DVD
Tom Vernon | Amber Fade EP
Vindata | With Opened Eyes
Wallice | Wallice EP
Wanton Witch | Wanton Witch LP
The War On Drugs | Wagonwheel Blues Vinyl Reissue
Amie Waters | Nakazora
We Are The Union | Ordinary Life
White Flowers | Day By Day
Whitney | Light Upon the Lake Vinyl Reissue
Hank Williams | Pictures From Life’s Other Side, Volume One
Hank Williams | Pictures From Life’s Other Side, Volume Two
Wilted Woman | Keychain
With All My Hate | Impaired Existence
The Witherbees | Love Letter
W!zard | Definitely Unfinished EP
Wolf Alice | Blue Weekend
Bernhard Wöstheinrich | Magnet
Wooden Veins | In Finitude
The Woodlands | Love Is a Stone
Woody and Jeremy | Gravy In My Coffee
Worm Shepherd | In The Wake Ov Sòl
Wrecking Crew | Steel’s Kitchen
xofilo | auroville
Yellow6 | For The First And Last
Brett Young | Weekends Look A Little Different These Days
Zennui | Kingdom Jones and the Atom Heart Family
Reid Zoé | Shed My Skin EP
So Zuppy | Blindly, Pt. 2 EP