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Next Week in Music | May 24-30 • The Long List: 400 Releases On The Way

So long, Boredomtown; there's another wave of new music moving in soon.

Simpsons nerds and self-described Springfield doom metal band Dr. Colossus drop an album title we can all get behind — I’m A Stupid Moron With An Ugly Face And A Big Butt And My Butt Smells And I Like To Kiss My Own Butt, featuring the catchy track So Long Stinktown. But make sure you sing it with an Aussie accent; the band is from — where else ? — Down Under. Not interested? No problem; here are the other 400 albums, EPs, singles, compilations, anthologies, box sets, soundtracks and vinyl reissues arriving in the next seven days. So long, Boredomtown.



Actus Septem | The Catechism Of Death
Adventurer | Pacifica
Emily Afton | Resconsidation EP
Alastor | Onwards And Downwards
Alestorm | Live In Tilburg
Emby Alexander | Soar Era
Theo Alexander | Sunbathing Through A Glass Screen
Allday | Drinking With My Smoking Friends
Alluvial | Sarcoma
Vanessa Amara | Music For Acoustic Instruments & Feedback
Amberoom ft. Blakkat & BabyGirl, Radio Slave & BabyGirl | Forces Of Nature
Angstskríg | Skyggsepil
Aparde | Alliance
Aquarian Blood | Bending The Golden Hour
Armnatt | Eternal Flame
Ascéte | Calamites & Les Calamités
Asleep at the Wheel | The Better Times EP
Astur | Home To Home Single
Atlantic Starr | Always: The Warner-Reprise Recordings (1987-1991)
Louise Aubrie | Last
Tom Auton | 9 Til 9
The Bablers | Psychadilly Circus
Bachelor | Doomin’ Sun
Baltra | Ambition
Bambii | Truck Riddim
The Baseballs | Hot Shots
Lou Barlow | Reason To Live
Beach Tiger | Run Away
Sabrina Bellaouel | Arab Liquor
Karl Benjamin | D.R.I.S.T.
Beverlee | Purple Violin
Big Ant Dog | Life II
Bizarrekult | Vi Overlevde
Black Flare | Black Flare
Black Midi | Cavalcade
Blackberry Smoke | You Hear Georgia
Blazon Rite | Endless Halls Of Golden Totem
Bleeth | Harbinger
Bloodbound | Creatures Of The Dark
Blood Cultures | LUNO
Body Meπa | The Work Is Slow
Body-San | Reborn While Shopping
Bo Ningen | Bo Ningen: Rebuilt
Bothlane | Nog EP
David Bowie | The Width Of A Circle
Eduardo Briganty | Entelequia
Viktor Brobacke & Djurkapellet | Lirar Musiken Ur Barnen Från Frostmofjället
Brodka | Brut
Fiona Brown | Mundane
Jack Broza | Some Slant Rhyme I Wrote EP
Bruce Lee Band | Division In The Heartland EP
Burning Witches | The Witch Of The North
DJ C | Do Rady
Era C | Deliria
Can | Live In Stuttgart 1975
Natanael Cano | Corridos Tumbados
Le Carogne | Le Carogne Single
Brynn Cartelli | Based On A True Story
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis | Carnage Vinyl
Peter Cetera | Love, Glory, Honor & Heart: The Complete Full Moon And Warner Bros. Recordings 1981-1992
Jorja Chalmers | Midnight Train
Cheval Sombre | Days Go By
Chubby And The Gang | Lightning Don’t Strike Twice / Life’s Lemons
Chymes | Hell & Divine EP
Cirith Ungol | Half Past Human EP
Anne Clark | Synaesthesia: Anne Clark Classics Reworked
Ian Cleaver & Gideon Tazelaar | Volume 1
Collie Buddz | Cali Roots Riddim 2021
The Contraptions | Working Man’s Dread
A.G. Cook | Apple vs. 7G (Silver Edition)
Erland Cooper | Holm (Variations and B-sides)
Coout | Time to Believe EP
Cop Funeral | Meditations In Discomfort
Ishmael Cormac | Many Wild Things
Cross Vault | As Strangers We Depart
Gabrielle Current | Virgo EP
Curse of Eibon | Journey Into Madness
Valentina Cy | Valentina Cy Pt. 1
Cyvella | Rich EP
Dennis Dalcin | The Incomplete Completeness: A Retrospective 1977-1996
Pickle Darling | Cosmonaut
The Datsuns | Eye To Eye
Sarah Davachi | Cantus Figures Laurus
Daniel Davies | Spies
Ferreck Dawn & GUZ | Knock Me Out (Remixes)
Dawn-song | For Morgan
Debauchery | Monster Metal
Decapitated | The First Damned
Art d’Ecco | In Standard Definition Vinyl
Defiler | A Deity Depraved
Del Amitri | Fatal Mistakes
Departed | Darkness Reigns
Dispatch | Break Our Fall
Disturbios | Disturbios
Diurnal Burdens & Matt Atkins | Idle Magnetism
Djabe & Steve Hackett | The Journey Continues
DMX | Exodus
Dödsrit | Mortal Coil
Dohny Jep | Shallow Is The Water EP
Dom Pachino | Mr. Tera’s Torture Chamber EP
Dr. Colossus | I’m A Stupid Moron With An Ugly Face And A Big Butt And My Butt Smells And I Like To Kiss My Own Butt
Drift Into Black | Patterns of Light
Devin Drobka Trio | Resorts
Drown This City | Colours We Won’t Know
Drug Church | Tawny
John Dwyer | Moon Drenched
Wasy Life | Life’s A Beach
81355 | This Time I’ll Be Of Use
88Glam | Heaven Can Wait
Eisenhland | Fires Within
Jorge Elbrecht | Presentable Corpse 002
Elder Island | Swimming Static
Electric Haze | Get In Line
Elgin | Weightless / Still
Engraver | Behind
John Errol | Inferno
Andre Ethier | Further Up Island
George Eve | Burger the Exit EP
Everglow | Last Melody
Eyes of Others | Elevenses
Björn Falk | Rock’n’Roll For Lovestruck Buffoons
False Witness | Life Can Be Cruel
Famous | The Valley
Farsight | Renegade EP
Feiertag | Time to Recover
Les Filles de Illighadad | At Pioneer Works
Flanafi with Ape School | The Knees Start To Go
Fishmans | 22nd March 1996 At Shinjuku Liquid Room
The Flight Of Sleipnir | Eventide
Ethan Flynn | The Pumpkin Club
Fort Romeau | FWD NRG Single
Fountains of Wayne | Welcome Interstate Managers Vinyl Reissue
Freyer | Nicotine Bunker
Masayoshi Fujita | Bird Ambience
Chrystal Für | Elusion
Gel. | Gel.
Ghastly | Mercurial Passages
Melvin Gibbs | 4 + 1 Equals 5 for May 25
Tyler Gibson | The Days Before
Gosudar | Morbid Despotic Ritual
Lou Gramm | Questions And Answers: The Atlantic Anthology 1987-1989
GusGus | Mobile Home
Gwar | The Disc With No Name
GWSN | The Other Side of the Moon
Sammy Haig | Cucumber
Haiku | Pilot EP
John Hall | Reclaiming My Time
PJ Harvey | The Peel Sessions 1991-2004 Vinyl Reissue
James Heather | Modulations: EP2
Heavy Sentence | Bang to Rights
Hellryder | The Devil is a Gambler
Hide | Interior Terror
High n’ Heavy | V
Hans Hjelm | Factory Reset
Dave Holland | Another Land
Esa Holopainen | Silver Lake
Holy Hive | I Don’t Envy Yesterdays / Color It Easy
Honey | Forever Fire
Hotel Etiquette | Ex Questions
Hot Mulligan | I Won’t Reach Out To You EP
Hugar | Þjóðlög / Folk Songs
Humanbeing | Humanbeing
Hus Kingpin | Bolio: Pray For Rio
Impaled Nazarene | Eight Headed Serpent
Irmans | Hermano / I Wanna See You
Howard Ivans | Beautiful Tired Bodies: Instrumentals
Jack O’ the Clock | Leaving California
James | All The Colours Of You
Etta James | The Montreux Years
Jamestown Revival | Fireside With Louis L’Amour EP
Jaubi | Nafs at Peace
Juanes | Origen
JukeBox Country | Inner Space/Outer Space
Junaco | Blue Room
Muito Kaballa | Mamari
Kandle | Set The Fire
Kansas | Point of Know Return Live & Beyond
Miloš Karadaglić | The Moon & The Forest
Karmacoda | Slow Down, Melt And Catch Fire
Karmamoi | Room 101
Karpenter | Sleepless
Kele | The Waves Pt. 1
Kezia | Claire EP
Khandra | All Occupied By Sole Death
Khasi-Cymru Collective | Sai-Thaiñ Ki Sur: The Weaving Of Voices
Isambard Khroustaliov | Transhuman Harmolodics
Kill the Imposter | The Violence Session
Adamn Killa | Mars
King Of Asgard | Svartrviðr
Kristel | Take it Easy
La Battue | Get Set, Go!
Natalia Lafourcade | Un Canto Por México, Vol. 2
JP Lancaster | Around Town
Lance | Worldstar
k.d. lang | makeover
Rachel Langlais | Dothe
Rosemary Lawton | Canvas
Lil Baby & Lil Durk | Voice Of The Heroes
Abbey Lincoln | Abbey Is Blue Vinyl Reissue
Loscil | Clara
Lost Division | Cuts And Scars
LPX | Go the Other Way, Called the Echo EP
Madman’s Lullaby | Nocturnal Overdrive Part 1
Lung Knots | Golden Dirges, Molten Larynges
Hunter Lyons | Trust In A Stranger EP
Madrost | Maleficent
Pedro Mafama | Por Este Rio Abaixo
Magenta | Angels and Damned
Magic Castles | Sun Reign
Hober Mallow / Jim Sharp | Here I Am / 10th Wonder
Bugzy Malone | The Resurrection
Mansur | Minotaurus
José Mauro | A Viagem Das Horas
Ashley McBryde | Never Will: Live From A Distance
Jim McHugh | Pretending To Wake Up
Matt McManamon | Scally Folk
Shannon McNally | The Waylon Sessions
Maria (JP) | Utamonogatari
Medhane | Amethyst of Morning
Mental Cruelty | A Hill To Die Upon
Mereba | AZEB
Merzbow | Scandal
Karl Meyer | Green or White
Nathan Micay | Industry OST
Midnite City | Itch You Can’t Scratch
Nicole Millar | Are You Kidding?
Mr Flash / A Bass Day | Radar Rider / F .I .S .T. Split
Moby | Reprise
Modern Blonde | Candyland
Morisaki Win | Flight
Mosara | Mosara
Leny Müh | Capharnaüm
Alena Murang | Sky Songs
Murrumur | Magic For Beginners
µ – Ziq | Scurlage
Mustafa | When Smoke Rises
Nadjiwan | Star Nation
Needles//Pins | Needles//Pins
Neighborhood Brats | Confines Of Life
Niia | If I Should Die
1990nowhere | A Fever Called Living EP
Noctiferia | Reforma
Noctule | Wretched Abyss
Pablo Nouvelle And Emy Perez | Dime EP
NOV3L | Non-Fiction
Nova Cheq | Fuk.Gov.UK
Novatore & C-Lance | Embrace the Darkness II: Explorers of Experience
Oceans | Come So Far
OddCouple | Reflections
Of Mice & Men | Bloom EP
Ojoyo | Ojoyo Plays Safrojazz
Marcus O’Neill | Blue Moon in the Room
Violet Orlandi | High Priest Daughter
Orodruin | Epicurean Mass Vinyl Reissue
Our Hollow, Our Home | Burn In The Flood
Kelly Lee Owens | Inner Song Remix Series
Painted Young | The Smallest Similarities
Pale Divine | Cemetery Earth Vinyl Reissue
Palette Knife | Ponderosa Snake House & The Chamber Of Bullshit
Pantheon | Age of Wolves
Everett Parker | Outbound Travelin’ Crazies
Patto | Give It All Away: The Albums 1970-1973
PCM | Macro
Brianna Perry | Boss Bitch Boulevard
Perturbator | Lustful Sacraments
Sissel Vera Pettersen & Randi Pontoppidan | Inner Lift
VC Pines | Concrete EP
Planet Asia | Holy Water
Danilo Plessow | Fabric presents Danilo Plessow
Poisonous Birds | All Of Us (Remixes)
Portal | Avow
Portico Quartet | Terrain
Proud | Second Act
Prudence | Beginnings
Matthias Puech | A Geography of Absence
Pulley | Different Strings
Qlowski | Quale Futuro?
Ragenap | Thankrupcy
Piry Reis | Piry Reis
Reject the Sickness | While Our World Dissolves
Resense | Shakin’ James / Let’s Ride
Chase Rice | The Album
Rider & Rolling Thunder | On the Banks of the Tennessee EP
River Kittens | Soaking Wet
Porter Robinson | Nurture Vinyl
Denise Rosenthal | Todas Seremos Reinas
Margo Ross | Prairie Life
Rubettes | Gold
Sadistik Forest | Obscure Old Remains
Satanic Planet | Satanic Planet
Satyricon | Dark Medieval Times
Satyrus | Rites
Savanah | Olympus Mons
Say Girl Say | Let My Hair Down
Schismopathic | The Human Legacy
Schwefelgelb | Der Rest Der Nacht
2nd in Command | Look At All the Pretty Lights
The Secret Combination | Finally
Sectlinefor | Kissing Strangers During An Outbreak
Sedibus | The Heavens
Seeming Emptiness | Bliss Entombed
Serlin Greaves | Sad Songs For Sale
Servant Leader | Raised by Wolves Part 2
7days | Forever Remastered
7days | The Weight Of The World Remastered
Sexy Pigeon | Pastel Summer
Sharone | Morbid Illusion
Almog Sharvit | Get Up Or Cry
Jas Shaw | Sollbruchstelle I – III
The Sheepdogs | No Simple Thing EP
Siggatunez | True Love (Feat. Vany T Fair)
Sight Telma Club | The New Ancients
Silver Talon | Decadence and Decay
Nina Simone | The Montreux Years
Håkon Skogstad | Visions Of Tango
Eric Slick | Wiseacre Vinyl Reissue
Carl Smith & The Natural Gas Company | Burnin’
Gizelle Smith | Revealing
J Smith | And You Chose Not To Laugh
Smoove | Take It Easy Single
Salvador Sobral | bpm
Halal Sol | Dijamin EP
Sonic Blast | Humanity Divided
Depresión Sonora | Historias Tristes Para Dormir Bien
Spectacular Diagnostics | Natural Mechanics
The Spectre Beneath | The New Identity Of Sidney Stone
Spindle Ensemble | Inkling
The Spiral | Orange Sunshine
Lecx Stacy | BUNDOK
Star Thistle | The Best Of Star Thistle
Status/Non-Status | 1, 2, 3, 4, 500 Years
Steel & Timber | Steel & Timber
Stormruler | Under The Burning Eclipse
Strictly Elizabeth | Contemporary Construction
Sugar Candy Mountain | Impression
Justin Sullivan | Surrounded
Sunrise | Equilibria
Svneatr | Chinook
SW | SW. blewLIPs
Sweet Trip | A Tiny House in Secret Speeches, Polar Equals
Taylor Swift | Evermore Vinyl
Rah Swish | Mayor Of The Streets
Swiss Portrait | Familiar Patterns
Sylvan | One to Zero
Austin Taft | Skeletons
Balkan Taksim | Disko Telegraf
T_AM | Local Ghost
Phil Tangent | Temporary Solace
Tents | Fiji Falls
Texas | Hi
Thee More Shallows | Dad Jams
Third Space | Pattern Of Spring
This Ending | Needles Of Rust
Thollem’s Astral Traveling Sessions | Compilation
Thronum Vrondor | Dies Tenebrosa Sicut Nox
Toyah | The Blue Meaning Expanded Deluxe Edition
Tramp Stamps | We Got Drunk And Made An EP
Penelope Trappes | Penelope Three
Travis | The Boy With No Name Vinyl Reissue
Mark Trecka | Acknowledgment
Marina Trench | Over There EP
Tristen | Aquatic Flowers
T-Tops | Staring At A Static Screen
Tyfontaine | Ascension
Unfathomable Ruination | Decennium Ruinae
Unidad Trauma | Arte Médica Siniestra
UnoTheActivist | Unoverse 2
Zachary Utz | Cave Print
UV-TV | Always Something
Various Artists | BBE: Modern Love
Various Artists | Beyond the Pale Horizon: The British Progressive Pop Sounds of 1972
Various Artists | Club Coco
Various Artists | Fabric Presents Danilo Plessow (MCDE)
Various Artists | Fire in Little Africa
Various Artists | Folk Music of China Vol. 13 – Songs of the Tibetan Plateau
Various Artists | Get On Board The Soul Train: Philadelphia International Records Official 50th Anniversary – The Sound of Philadelphia International Records, Volume 1
Various Artists | Hurdy Gurdy Songs: Words & Music By Donovan 1965-1971
Various Artists | Heavy Psych Sounds Sampler Vol. VII
Various Artists | Ideal Rules
Various Artists | Modern Love
Various Artists | Polylog 4 EP
Various Artists | Strata Records: The Sound of Detroit Vol. 1
Various Artists | Stop the War: Vietnam Through the Eyes of Black America 1965-1974
Velcro | Te La Buscaste
Ven | Ven EP
The Veronicas | Godzilla
The Vicious Head Society | Extinction Level Event
Rhonda Vincent | Music is What I See
Volk | Cashville
The Volunteers | The Volunteers
Douglas Von Irvin’s Carnival | Meet The Monsters
Vonnegut Collective / Tullis Rennie / Thomas Adès | 48 Hours
Vorus | Traversing the Non-Existence
Vorvaň | Awakened
Vritrahn-Werwolf | Vritrahn-Werwolf
Rick Wade | Late Night Basix Vol. 2
Waking The Sleeping Bear | Porno Future
Christopher Ward | Same River Twice
Watching Tides | We’ve Been So Close, Yet So Alone
Lagoon Wavey | The Shore EP
The Wedding Present | Seamonsters 30th Anniversary Edition
Matt Weston | Four Lies In The Eavesdrop Business
What Strange Beasts | The Maestro’s Tale
White Moth Black Butterfly | The Cost Of Dreaming
Jill Whit | Time is Being
Beth Whitney | Into The Ground
Wifisfuneral | Smoking Mirrors
Winterforever | Lævitas
Wombo | Keesh Mountain
Issy Wood | If Its Any Constellation EP
The Wring | Wring2 Project Cipher
Ina Wroldsen | Matter Of The Mind
Wyldest | Monthly Friend
Yndi | Noir Brésil
Zakè & Marine Eyes | Unfailing Love