Rick Christian Ominously Inquires: Will You Dance With Death?

The Edmonton electronica artist's dark single comes with a horror-movie video.


Rick Christian steps up with a chilling horror-movie video to illustrate his ominous electronica single Will You Dance With Death — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Setting his ominous track against a nightmarish video, the Edmonton electronica artist — whose previous works include the pandemic-themed album The New Normal and the self-explanatory single On The Edge — creates a chilling multi-media experience. Which is just how he wants it.

“I wanted something dark that people could dance to,” Christian says. “I attempted ideas and techniques when recording and producing this song that I had never done before. The production and blending of the synth in the mix was the next level for me. The hours of post-production really paid off.”

Christian drew on his own experiences for Will You Dance With Death. “I saw the pandemic landscape affecting people’s mental states and actions, I couldn’t help myself and had to reflect on it,” he explains. “The best material is your own reality and experiences.” But even though he’s unapologetic in the depth of his darkness, Christian admits Will You Dance With Death came to him in the lightest of surroundings. “I was alone drinking coffee one morning,” he recalls. “I played and recorded a couple bars of the song; I knew this was something big.”

Mingling his love for thrillers with the undertones of the song, Christian came together with Daniel Gadowski to direct and produce Will You Dance With Death’s video. Christian describes the filmmaker as someone who has a “perception for the big picture.” The pair enlisted several models as actors for the project. “They did an amazing job and it will always stand out in my mind,” Christian says. “They were so dedicated and committed to the performance.”

Watch Will You Dance With Death above, hear more from Rick Christian below, and keep up with him on Facebook and Instagram.