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Albums Of The Week: Mihi Nihil | Mihi Nihil

The L.A. foursome keep things deliciously dark on their dynamic debut disc.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The name Mihi Nihil (Mee-Kee Nee-Keel) sounds like a university’s Latin motto, but it was actually lead singer Mihi Vox’s nickname in college. Now a band motto, the name represents the group’s approach to life and music as they write songs together in one room, staying open not only to each other but to the music. Mihi Nihil’s ‘everyone is present’ writing method is apparent when listening to their self-titled debut album.

The former New York City Opera singer and three self-taught rockers are ready to unleash what feels like a box of explosives that has stored up a tremendous amount of energy. From the playful punk burst of I Eat You that feels like it could have been recorded in 1977, to the dark wistful waltz of Falling Star that sways with a 1950s soul, they never linger in a single sonic space. The L.A. band shift effortlessly with maximum emotional thrust through a sound that bridges the past and present musical zeitgeists. Like a rock formation with different colored layers, the music encompasses a myriad of subtle tints and bold textures.

Together with producer Adam Lasus (Yo La Tengo, Helium, Madder Rose), they have created a nine-song record that is grounded in earthiness and redolent with nostalgia. Moving from the cinematic echo of Ennio Morricone in Verberation to the ominous yearning for connection in the more soporific, electronic-sounding Space Invader, which slowly sinks to smothered murmurs. Mihi Nihil’s music feels at once mysterious and familiar, like a fog curling heavily and dankly around the listener only to be cut through by rays from the sun.”