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Albums Of The Week: Blanketman | National Trust

The Manchester quartet's indie-pop & post-punk balances anxiety & liberation.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Fresh from the haberdashery, Blanketman have been spearheading a burgeoning scene in Manchester, gigging extensively throughout the city, performing their original brand of restless post-punk and cerebral indie-pop — all served with a sharper, more sardonic pop edge than many of their more po-faced peers. The National Trust EP is a snapshot of their time spent in lockdown. It looks at themes of feeling trapped and anxious, but also the hopes held toward eventual liberation from that feeling.

Back in March 2020, the band’s debut single Taking You With Me marked the arrival of a band full of ideas, and cut a boundless, energetically pop edge that saw them likened to early Blur. The followup Beach Body dialed up the urgency and distilled a swift insistence, on top of which vocalist Adam Hopper masterminded a trove of indelible melodies, dedicated to the ailing Brit-abroad. The track Harold brought with it a thumping, wonky and rowdy execution to introduce an EP that celebrates the north of England with the north-south divide as a backdrop.”