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The Pretenders | First Album Promo Poster

Now that things are looking up again, let's start looking at some posters, shall we?

I haven’t written many of these posts since the pandemic began, for a few reasons: 1) Showing off vintage live posters seemed weird at a time when there were no gigs; 2) Things got insanely busy around here once the entire music biz pivoted online; 3) I had no interest in risking my health to mail a poster to someone. But now that winter’s finally wrapping up, vaccines are arriving and things are slowly starting to get a bit back to normal, it seems like high time to pick it up again.

Let’s start with something easy: This original promo poster for The Pretenders‘ self-titled 1980 album. I won’t bother retelling all my Chrissie Hynde stories, which I’ve already shared HERE. I’ll just say that pound for pound, this is still one of the greatest debut discs of all time. If you agree, perhaps you’d like to own this well-preserved 24″ square poster. Email me and we’ll work out something.