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Displaced Pieces Help You Keep It Together With Strong New Album, Single & Video

The Winnipeg duo of Leonard Shaw & Sandy Chochinov unveil their latest creation.


Distracted Pieces stand together with their new self-titled album, featuring the single and video for Be Strong — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The newest single from the veteran Winnipeg duo of Leonard Shaw and Sandy Chochinov, Be Strong is a rock/jazz track written to remind everyone to not give up in the face of adversity. “The music has been developed over the past few years, but not without its challenges. Sandy and I thought it appropriate — even in this difficult time of social distancing — to celebrate what we have accomplished, and some of our shared history,” says Shaw.

Indeed, Shaw and Chochinov have been playing and writing music together since they were teenagers in Winnipeg. They have played and recorded with Ian Thomas, Dianne Heatherington, Terri Crawford and Bo Diddley. Shaw joined Canadian rockers The Guess Who in 1990 playing keyboard, flute, and saxophone. Chochinov has toured with Wally Landreth, Brent Parkin and Ellen McIlwaine, and recorded with Shawnee, Kate Todd and Nell Balaban.

Watch Be Strong above and listen to Displaced Pieces below.