Indie Roundup: 115 Songs to Fill The Gaping Hole In Your Soul This Weekend (Part 3)

Dead Register, SickWalt, Jade Eagleson, Bloodred Hourglass & more power to you.


Dead Register are in it to win it, SickWalt feel like a million, Jade Eagleson plans to take his time, Bloodred Hourglass make it rain — and we’re just approaching the middle of your latest and greatest Weekend Roundup. It’s too late to stop now:


39 | Dead Register | Don’t Fail Me

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Atlanta post-rock/avant doom trio Dead Register proudly offer their most intricate visual creation to date with a live-action puppet video for their new single Don’t Fail Me. The song is nearing official release as an expansive maxi-single/EP at the end of the month. Their most epic song yet, Don’t Fail Me comes to life through an intense new live-action mixed-media puppet extravaganza which portrays the emotional depths of the song’s lyrical focus. Crafted by Avril Che and M. Chvasta, this video marks the band’s fifth DIY visual production, and the band’s first ever foray into puppetry. The duo say: “Don’t Fail Me is a standalone single recorded in an attempt for us ancients to stay active, much like a nursing home trip to the mall for weekly early AM jazzercise. The song deals with feelings of hopelessness, inadequacy, death, compounding soul-crushing depression, mundanity of life, overcompensation, self-reliance, and ghosts.”

40 | SickWalt | Million Dollar Man

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “After earning their reputation by setting N.Y.C. stages on fire, SickWalt unleashed their first album Shove n’ Love. To celebrate, they also dropped the single Million Dollar Man. On the track, the band blend the undeniable chemistry of their live act with a polished sound that oozes confidence. They are truly a group of artists and musicians firing on all cylinders. It is full of blazing, crisp guitar riffs, thumping & pumping drums, and a robust bottom end that lays the foundation for Sickwalt’s unique vocal style.”

41 | Jade Eagleson | All Night To Figure it Out

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Jade Eagleson is kicking off 2021 with the release of the single All Night To Figure It Out. A sneak peek at Eagleson’s upcoming sophomore project, the bold track marks a new direction for the 2019 CCMA Award winner. “When I first heard All Night to Figure it Out, I couldn’t wait to get into the studio because it’s the kind of song that demands a vocal that would push me outside my comfort zone and require me to fully let it fly in the vocal booth,” said Eagleson. “This song requires a lot of attitude vocally, and my producer really pushed me past what I believed I was capable of for it, and I hope that you can feel that, and it resonates with you all when you listen.”

42 | Bloodred Hourglass | Drag Me The Rain

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Finland’s melodic death metallers Bloodred Hourglass have released the single Drag Me The Rain to shorten the wait for the upcoming album. It is the first new release of the band since the album Godsend in 2019. Vocalist Jarkko Koukonen comments: “Drag Me the Rain is a very straightforward type of banger with some refreshed catchiness and rudeness, and it also carries the vibe it will strike live as well. ‘Fear is contagious, but so is courage.’ Lyrically it’s going to be by far the most personal album to date. It’s an introspective trip into loss, lost chances of life and love — all crowned with sadness. You get a lot closer by being also fragile, and the contrast we managed to capture on this record is definitely some next-level BRHG.”

43 | Father Before Me | Until Lambs Become Lions

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Father Before Me have released their video for Until Lambs Become Lions. The song and their latest EP are both self-released. The songs were mixed and mastered by genre veterans Grant McFarland and Carson Slovak at Atrium Audio (August Burns Red, Carousel Kings). The music video was shot by Tom Flynn.”

44+45 | Jessica Wilde | Wasted / F*ck U I’m Sober Now

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “With it being a particularly wild 2020 in more ways than one, singer Jessica Wilde is set to slide into 2021 in spectacular fashion with Double A side Wasted / F*ck U I’m Sober Now. Wilde’s raw, honest lyrics take you on a ride through her personal journey of mad parties, hazy drunken nights, regret, love, heartbreak, self-loathing, self-empowerment and going sober.”

46 | Wound Machine | Gotuję Się

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Wound Machine are the new incarnation of current and former members of death and black metal bands such as Pedophile Priests, Thy Worshipper and Mortis Dei. The duo debuted last September with a cover song of Polish thrash metal legend Kat’s Wyrocznia. But thir new single exands their metal horizons. The song is performed in Polish and is entitled Gotuję Się.”

47 | Tsunari | Fruity Loops

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Not afraid to break out the mould, Tsunari builds on her fast-growing success with a song that incorporates energetic trap snares with synth led samples. Speaking on the release, she said: “The song is about living a colourful life. To live a colourful life, means to have a life full of ups and downs, to have experienced struggle and achievement, to have learned from your failures and grown from them. A colourful life means you have lived life to the fullest, which is what we all aspire to achieve.”

48 | Howlin’ Circus | Dresden

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Howlin’ Circus — the project of Jafar Sandouk — released Dresden, the first single from his forthcoming album, accompanied by a visually stunning music video brimming with symbolism. Sandouk says: “The past few years have been exhausting for so many of us, on top of dealing with a pandemic, and having to negotiate with all these forces that are totally disconnected from reality. The climate-change deniers, QAnoners, the white supremacists. I keep hearing how divided we all are but it’s not really a divide if the other person doesn’t even see what planet we’re on.”

49 | Hurtwave | Black & Blue

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Dayseeker vocalist Rory Rodriguez and drummer Mike Karle launched their new project Hurtwave in 2020. The pair traffic in synths and the output is decidedly different than that of their main band. They just shared the video for the new track Black and Blue. “Black and Blue is about my relationship with a girl who, emotionally, would leave me feeling battered and bruised,” says Rodriguez. “It made me seriously question if we were in love or if I was potentially being used by someone I deeply cared for.”

50 | Necronomicon | Wall Of Pain

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “German cult thrashers Necronomicon strike for the relentless 10th blow with their new album The Final Chapter. Due on March 26, it represents a new level even for such an extremely experienced band. Since 1986, Necronomicon have been destroying ear canals all over the world — and today they present the first single and video of the album with Wall Of Pain.

51 | Malacoda | Crawling Chaos

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Malacoda release the video for the title track from the upcoming EP Crawling Chaos. Malacoda say: “Usually we do really elaborate music videos for our releases, but Covid prevented us from getting together and making something grandiose. We felt a performance/lyric video would be cool, we haven’t done one of those before. We filmed it at the studio ourselves and sent to a video editor we know in Sweden to make it a little bit more interesting.”

52 | Heather Rivas | Think Of Me

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “L.A.’s Heather Rivas is known for her genre-blending music inspired by the eclectic music scene that thrives in her hometown. The queer artist is passionate about writing from her personal experiences and doesn’t hold back when it comes to the dynamics of relationships and how often so much can be left unspoken, whether that is tied to poor judgement, mental health, or discomfort with a situation. Her latest single Think of Me is about infatuation and realizing you’re just into the idea of someone. Rivas confides, “A lot of us have been in a place where we realize we’re late in communicating or we just avoid it all together because it’s uncomfortable. Most of the time, infatuation is pretty unhealthy and I don’t think most of us ever want to admit out loud that we’ve been infatuated with someone.”

53 | The Rungs | Right Rooms

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Right Rooms lushly infuses dream-pop and synth-pop, its video capturing the nocturnal soundscape and mysterious vibes within. “If you want to become see-through, I will show you all the right moves.” Mandy Gurung’s vocals entrance; guitar twangs and serene synths reflectively play off each other throughout, playfully joining with the dreamy vocals. The Rungs are a female-fronted indie project based out of New York, formed by Mandy and Diwas Gurung. Inspired by ’90s indie-rock and ’80s synth-pop, The Rungs layer electric guitars with swirly synths, ethereal vocal harmonies and hooky beats to create a strain of uniquely refreshing pop music.”

54 | Future Radio | Closed Doors

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Closed Doors is the newest release from Future Radio”s debut album Freedom. In a time of global discontent, as lockdowns weigh heavy on humanity, this fitting track is a reminder that through determination and persistence we still have the power to unlock a better future for ourselves. Frontman Johnny Future states: “Throughout the song, there is a constant interplay between dark and light, not only lyrically but also instrumentally. The song being played in a shuffle makes it feel kind of up, in contrast to the minor key in which I wrote the song. It serves as a metaphor for everyday life.”

55 | Thomas Dybdahl | River (ft. Beharie)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “For his new single River ft. Beharie and Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, Thomas Dybdhal has released an accompanying video. River is the latest addition to his ever-growing Cabin Fever project. He decided in March 2020, at the beginning of the lockdown, to go into the studio and write songs with his studio partner/co-producer Håvard Rosenberg. Cabin Fever can be seen as an extension of the album Fever.”

56 | Bluebloods | Postcard from a Quarantined Miner in Flin Flon

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “A pandemic couched in global political unrest. Does that better describe the events of 1918-19 or 2020-21? Set against an historically ambiguous backdrop, that could just as easily represent either century, Bluebloods” latest music video is entitled Postcard from a Quarantined Miner in Flin Flon. It revolves around isolated Flin Flon miner, Louise, as she pens a love letter to her Winnipeg-based partner, Abe. Using animation, live action and song, Postcard explores parallels between Manitoba’s crises of today and yesteryear and how remote lovers have stayed in touch during such episodes.”

57 | Elizabeth Goodfellow | Terror & Trust

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Elizabeth Goodfellow (Iron and Wine, Madison Cunningham, boygenius, Per Gessle) explores marimba-infused songwriting with her latest offering Terror and Trust. When you’re called into a relationship you have decide whether to give in to terror or to trust. Our self-preservation instincts tell us to put up walls but our desire to break bread with each other is stronger. Sometimes it’s the simplest of acts that create the magic conditions for true community. On Terror and Trust, percussive marimba counterpoint is accentuated with gentle strings and upright bass to create a delicate chamber-pop texture suited to support Goodfellow’s wistful vocal.”