Indie Roundup: 115 Songs to Fill The Gaping Hole In Your Soul This Weekend (Part 4)

Gama Bomb, Valcata, Feren Isles, Van Tastik, Horndal and more acts you need.

Gama Bomb are the gods of hellfire, Valcata build a mighty tower, Feren Isles is unlucky in love, Van Tastik play hangman — and we’re still a long way from the end of your massive Weekend Roundup. But take heart; it’s all downhill from here!


58 | Gama Bomb | Lords Of The Hellfire Club

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Everyone’s favourite Irish sailors, Gama Bomb, have put together a new music video for Lords Of The Hellfire Club. Taken from the recently released Sea Savage, it was inspired in part by the real-life historical group of alcoholic Irish Satan-worshippers of the same name.”

59 | Valcata | Tower

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The symphonic metal collective Valcata released their new single and video Tower. Oha Cade (composer) says: “Tower is, like our debut in 2019, a remote online production. Several musicians who featured on the 2019 album have returned, but we’re also introducing new guests. Vocal-wise, on the returning side we have the incredible talents of Hadi Kiani (Gereh, The Frame, Deaton LeMay Project) and Angel Wolf-Black (Goditha, Alexandra Zerner, Vivaldi Metal Project), who reprise their roles as Hessabi and Hypatia. Our new guest is Joshua Morse from the band The Doubted, who appears as the new character Morbus, and delivers Valcata’s first ever-harsh vocals.”

60 | Feren Isles | The Wrong Seduction

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Independent electropop artist Feren Isles releases his second single and video for The Wrong Seduction. “This is not a love song, it’s an anthem for anyone with a rocky dating history. The Wrong Seduction is about my toxic dating patterns. I have spent years choosing the wrong people for the wrong reasons. I see it. I know I do it, but I can’t seem to stop myself.” The video for The Wrong Seduction shows Feren Isles awkwardly interacting with numerous dogs, in hopes of finding the right fit for adoption. A metaphor for the search for the right romantic partner, this lighthearted paralleling highlights the importance of a good match in both cases.”

61 | Van Tastik | Hangman

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Van Tastik, the one-man-band from Virginia now based in Utrecht, debuted his second single Hangman. This dark country/alternative rock track is a thumping, vintage-kissed Wild West theme that brings to mind classic rock and country acts like Johnny Cash, Link Wray and The Shadows. “From the day I wrote this,” explains Van, “I always pictured the whole thing as a Western — the warbling guitar sounds, the hot desert and cowboys chasing robbers on horseback. Basically just like any classic western film or Tarantino/Rodriguez flick, you know?”

62 | Horndal | Rossen

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Sweden’s Horndal just announced their sophomore album Lake Drinker. Due for release April 9, the album is a high concept tale of the eponymous town of Horndal — and how it is on a cursed path to destruction for the second time in 40 years. Alongside the announcement, the band have released the lead single Rossen, with an accompanying video that serves as a tour of Horndal. We have no doubt that Lake Drinker will quench your thirst for sludge-leaning metal with plenty of punk attitude.”

63 | The Best Of The Worst | Sour Spot

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The new album from ska-core legends The Best of the Worst is out next Friday … but today you can listen to the third and final single from the album, Sour Spot. This track starts off in a ripping blast beat that will make you wonder if you’re listening to the right band, and immediately launches into a high energy ska punk track that will have you dancing around the living room. From there it’s a ska-core roller coaster until you hit the heavy heavy break at the end … I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s not what you’re expecting (unless you’re expecting a sweet reggae one-drop jam … trust me, it rules). You can also check out the animated lyric video for the track featuring the band as full on Scooby-Doo-style cartoon characters.”

64 | Enforced | Curtain Fire

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Virginia crossover maniacs Enforced released their new track and visualizer video for Curtain Fire. “Also known as ‘the creeping barrage,’ curtain fire is an artillery tactic used in tandem with advancing ground troops”, singer Knox Colby explains. “It’s meant to soften up defences or wipe them out completely. The lyrical narrative is on the defending end of curtain fire; ruminations on the death of soldiers, their grieving families, and how they’ll eventually be forgotten through time (a folded flag in a garage). The last few lines flip to the perspective of the attacker. With a very apathetic and unsympathetic attitude towards all the damage created, paving a parking lot over the conflict.”

65 | Gea | Truth Between the Lies

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Helsinki’s ethereal storyteller Gea has released her haunting, timely new single/music video Truth Between the Lies. Gea’s powerful lyrics encourage us to seek out the truth, especially when it’s not easy to do so. With what’s happening in the world right now, the timing of this release is not a coincidence. Musically, Truth Between the Lies is ominous, electro-infused dream pop with touches of menace and beauty. “When I wrote this song I had no idea how relevant this message would be now, when it is being released. We can’t pretend that constant lying wouldn’t have a profound impact on our society and souls. Truth is an absolute necessity. Truth will set us free!”

66 | Discover A Fire | A Calculated Risk

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Norfolk’s Discover A Fire released their new single A Calculated Risk. The band released their debut album The Rest Is Mystery in 2019, gaining national and international radio play. During lockdown, the band were able to get back into the studio to record two of new tracks, showing a darker and perhaps more mature side. This new release will be the prelude to a new full length to be recorded this year.”

67 | Hailey Whitters | How Far Can It Go? (ft. Trisha Yearwood)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Rising country star Hailey Whitters releases How Far Can It Go? (ft. Trisha Yearwood) from Living the Dream, a deluxe edition of her breakthrough album The Dream due on Feb. 26. The  album finds Whitters moving from fantasizing about “the dream” to actually living it, calling upon friends and collaborators Brent Cobb, Jordan Davis, Hillary Lindsey, Little Big Town, Lori McKenna and Trisha Yearwood. “When I wrote this song with Nicolle Galyon and Hillary Lindsey, we were drawing inspiration from all of the ’90s female powerhouses I grew up listening to on country radio,” explains Whitters. “This song reminds me of something I would’ve been singing along to on the radio, driving my old truck back in high school.”

68 | Illusory | Besetting Sins

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Set to release their third album Crimson Wreath in May, Greece’s prog power Illusory share the record’s first single Besetting Sins. A very heavy song with fast guitar gallops, an Eastern flavor, a melodic chorus, and a progressive twin guitar melody in the middle of the song. It speaks about religion and especially about Seven Deadly Sins.”

69 | Fielded | Peaks & Valleys (Small Bills Remix ft. Euclid)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The Sherita Sessions: Demisexual Lovelace Remixes is a complete re-working of Fielded”s remarkable 2020 debut. Drawing on the talents of those disparate collaborators, Demisexual Lovelace is pulled from its lush psychedelic R&B sound bed and led into the unknown. Genres are ignored, tempos radically transformed and lyrics come and go, like flocks of birds rising and diverging in the sky. If you heard the original record, The Sherita Sessions is a bold remodeling of a beautiful home. If this is your introduction to Fielded, consider this the moment when you decide to eat shrooms with your new best friend.”

70 | Manntra | Barren King

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Mysterious. Powerful. Magical. On March 26, the cracking new album Monster Mind Consuming by sensational and mystical folk-rock outfit Manntra will be released. Ahead of this, the band previews this epic emotion-filled efolk-metal masterpiece with the single Barren King. From the first second, you feel the pain of the Barren King, forever cursed to sail the cold, dark sea. He seeks (in vain) a cure for his torments. He is the king of outsiders, having nothing but his heart and his faith. He refuses to give up, continuing to forge forward, full of hope in finally experiencing salvation. With epic choirs, this song captivates with its beguiling folk-rock sounds, pulling you under its spell without any chance of escaping.”

71 | Chairmen Of The Boards | Booty Wiggle

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Mid-winter means Valentine’s Day and Toronto surf-rock maestros Chairmen Of The Boards love to celebrate it. To mark the occasion this year, they are sharing the track Booty Wiggle from their debut album Surfin’ The Apocalypse. Please enjoy the video made by Dave Loblaw and imagine the sand between your toes … Then chill the champagne, sip and giggle, and let the Chairmen make your booty wiggle.”

72 | Gang of Four | Where The Nightingale Sings (3D Remix ft. Nova Twins)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The second single to be taken from the album The Problem of Leisure: A Celebration of Andy Gill and Gang of Four is a new interpretation of Where the Nightingale Sings produced by 3D (Robert Del Naja, Massive Attack) and Andy Gill, and featuring London-based alt. rock duo Nova Twins. The Problem of Leisure is set for release in May. It’s a double album of tracks written by Gill and Gang of Four, all newly reinterpreted and recorded by artists whose own unique contributions to music were enriched by listening to the band.”

73 | Black River Delta | Burning And Burning

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Black River Delta have just released their latest single Burning And Burning. This high-octane track is the second single from the Swedish band’s forthcoming studio album. The foursome have released two previous LPs: Devil on the Loose (2016) and Vol. II (2018), and are poised to drop their latest heavy-hitting full-length effort Shakin’ this spring. The band’s gritty blues-rock sound draws from classic blues legends like Robert Johnson, the raw style of R. L. Burnside and modern artists such as The Black Keys, Gary Clark Jr. and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.”

74 | The Story Changes | The Longest Year

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The Story Changes (Mark McMillon and Christopher Popadak of Hawthorne Heights and Chris Serafini of The Stereo) have released their new single The Longest Year. It’s a blast of moody adrenaline, supplying a gritty edge in all of the right places. Lyrically, the track dives into conquering your own anxiety and navigating depression during these uncertain times. McMillon’s voice elevates from soothing to screaming throughout, while Popadak and Serafini hold it all together winding their way throughout with the song’s memorable riff.”

75 | Vanessa Silberman | My Love

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Indie-pop powerhouse Vanessa Silberman has released her heartfelt new single My Love. The track is both lighthearted and emotional, fusing electro pop elements with earnest lyrics that describe the power of love. “My Love is song inspired by love and about the feeling of being absolutely emotionally moved by another human being,” Silberman reflected. “It’s about seeing someone as an amazing, beautiful, and out of this world incredible person. When you’re in love you can’t help but see everything as sunny, sugar and rose coated … but that’s true love. You’re literally on cloud 9 and on a constant natural high!”

76 | Judith Hill | God Bless The Mechanic

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Powerhouse vocalist and Grammy-winning artist Judith Hill has released the video for God Bless The Mechanic, an eye-dropping visual companion to the new R&B-infused neo soul track. God Bless the Mechanic is the third single from Hill’s album Baby, I’m Hollywood! available on March 5. In the new cinematic visual directed and edited by Colin H Duffy, Judith is meticulously assembled piece by piece as a sultry artificial intelligence robot. Throughout the clip Judith spins a romantic bed of soul, slow groove and contemporary R&B.”