Prescilla Una Finds A Better Place Than Heaven in Her New Single & Video

The Toronto singer offers an emotional acoustic track laced with bone-chilling piano.

Prescilla Una soars off to a Better Place Than Heaven in her latest single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist!

The new double-strength single from her sophomore album Enlighten, Better Place Than Heaven is an emotional acoustic track sporadically backed by a bone-chilling piano melody and a haunting chorus vocal.

Better Place Than Heaven came to me in a dream,” Una says. “I picked up my guitar immediately to find the chords, notes and proper strumming techniques, to catch the song before I lost it.”

The majority of the tune’s somber music video sees the Toronto artist laying on a tufted violet couch as she strums and sings her troubles away. The remixed music video (that’s right, there are two music videos), on the other hand? Accompanied by producer Sandro Peres’s upbeat, dance remix of the powerful song, Una can be seen in a sparkling silver dress as she dances around the same colourful environment as before — except this time, with a wide grin on her face as she sings along.

Though Better Place Than Heaven is her latest single, Una’s second album Enlighten actually dropped last December — six years after her debut record Music Therapy. The long-awaited pop album includes some of the up-and-coming star’s more-recent singles like Someone, Up and Home, among others. Enlighten was released as three individual albums: the first includes all 11 original songs; the second consists of 10 unique remixes; and the final features all the instrumental tracks.

Watch both versions of Better Place Than Heaven above, hear more from Prescilla Una below, and keep up with her on her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.